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Bills WR corps is stacked for the future

Parrish, position mates have upside as a unit (Photo Source)

So I was searching through some vintage Rumblings, and one thing that struck me was the look of the Buffalo Bills' wide receiver position. Last year the Bills kept five receivers: Lee Evans, Peerless Price, Roscoe Parrish, Josh Reed, and Clay Sam Aiken. When looking at that group of guys I don't see a very bright future; of course, that is easy to say knowing how the year played out, but even then it was tough to see a bright future. Lee Evans is Lee Evans, a solid, border line true blue #1 receiver; Roscoe is a terrific slot receiver; and Josh Reed is an average at best receiver (I'll say at best an average receiver to make Superfan82 happy).  After that, neither Price nor Aiken offered much in the way of upside.

One year later, it's a much different story. The three best from last year - the same three with the best upside and talent - remain, and the newcomers to the roster all show tremendous potential.

James Hardy: The Bills' second round draft choice out of Indiana has the size and ability to be a huge playmaker in the NFL. He could be starting opposite Evans before the year is out, and probably will be sooner than that.

Justin Jenkins: A special teamer a year ago, Jenkins saw limited time at the end of the year and has distinguished himself as a special teams ace, as well as a guy who can play the position of receiver - something that Aiken could never do.

Steve Johnson: The second of the Bills' three seventh round draft picks this year, Johnson displayed good size and hands during the preseason and earned himself a roster spot for his efforts.

Felton Huggins: I'm writing this with the assumption that Huggins will make the practice squad, given that he was there last year. Huggins looked as just as good as Johnson did this pre-season, and if the Bills had chosen to keep Huggins over Johnson I don't think any of us would have been totally shocked.

Huggins' presence on the practice squad is worth mentioning because of his potential, and that is essentially the point I'm trying to make here: potential is something that the Bills' receiving corps suddenly has a ton of.  In trying to look ahead to next year's group, the Bills will have Evans (assuming he signs that extention we keep hearing is so close), Roscoe, Hardy, Reed (unless the Bills make Superfan82's decade by cutting him), Johnson, Jenkins, and Huggins. In other words, the Bills could have the same guys coming into camp next year, and we don't see it as a BAD thing.

That's a nice change for this team to make - and what's more, it's important to have upside amongst a group that needs to grow with its young quarterback, Trent Edwards.  This is an exciting receiving corps.