Looking good?

In Chris Brown’s latest blog entry, he posted the following:

“Fourth-round pick Reggie Corner has been the most impressive performer of the draft class to date. He probably gets more reps than most playing both cornerback and in the nickel package, but he's around the ball a lot and is leading the team in interceptions with three.”

I’m not sure how I feel about this.  Does this mean Corner was/is a steal, or that the top three picks aren’t exactly glowing so far? 

WalterFootball had this to say about Corner:

“Who is Reggie Corner? Sounds like a made-up person the Madden franchise mode comes up with. I doubt Corner would have been drafted at all, so taking him at pick No. 114 was a major reach.” was a little nicer:

I’d be thrilled if Corner turns out to be the real deal.  It’s great for your organization when you can find quality guys on the second day of the draft.  But how is he seemingly beating out McKelvin thus far?

And, does this take him out of the threeway battle with James and Youboty?  Is it safe to say he's got the lead for the 4th spot?  Is he the eventual replacement for McKee McGee or Greer?

As far as Hardy goes, I’m going to cut him some slack for the time being, but not much more.  Ellis however, really needs to step it up from what I read/heard.  I really haven't read/heard one good thing about him thus far.

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