Bills have been shopping McCargo???

Per Tim Graham of ESPN, they have....

Erik (Pompton Lakes, NJ): Tim, heard that you said that the bills were shopping John McCargo. Any idea who they may have talked to and what they might be looking for?

SportsNation Tim Graham: I do know who they've talked to, but I would be outing my sources if I told you. So I can't do that. But I will say interest has been lukewarm from what I understand. I don't know what the Bills are looking for in return.


That's pretty odd considering we have no other depth at DT after him.  If this is true, I guess OBD is completely unhappy with his play thus far.  Maybe they are finally starting to realize how dumb it was to trade multiple picks for a guy like this?  I also wonder what they are hoping to get in return, since we would lose our depth at the DT position without him.....

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