Seahawks Observations

I’ve got to say that I really liked Boselli as the color guy during the game. He calls attention to linemen and has a generally upbeat attitude. Unlike Tony Kornholio, he was focusing on what Seattle could do to show improvement instead of repeatedly bleating that the game was over. Anyway, on to the linemen.


Walker did better than I thought he would, particularly as he was helped on exactly one pass play. Oddly enough, it was a play where he was slow to get up… He had 26 decent runs, 2 bad ones (3, 17) and no killed runs. He had 31 decent pass plays, 1 bad one and no killed pass plays. He didn’t kill any drives. The faster guys gave him a little trouble but nowhere near as much as I would have thought.


Dock had a good game. He had 3 good run plays (1, 4, 14), 24 decent ones and 1 bad (8) play and no killed run plays. He was very solid in pass protection and was decent on all 32 passes. (The Moorman pass didn’t count.) I’m not sure why but he pulled more often than he has in the past.


Fowler had a Fowleresque game. He had 2 good run plays (15, 21), 21 decent ones, 5 bad ones (2, 5, 8, 17, 20) and killed two runs (2, 17). He was okay in pass protection with 31 decent pass plays, 1 bad one (33) and 1 killed play (33). Had Fowler picked up the blitzing LB instead of just reaching out to grab him Edwards would have had another second or two to find a guy beyond the line of scrimmage. As it was Edwards was forced to hit Parrish for a short gain. Fowler’s 6 combined bad plays are almost as many as the bad plays for every other lineman combined—7. Some have defended Fowler by arguing that centers regularly have trouble with 3-4 DTs. Well, Fowler once again couldn’t handle 4-3 DTs.


Butler had a good game as well. He had 4 good runs (3, 7, 14, 16), 24 decent ones, no bad runs and no killed run plays. He had 31 decent pass plays, 1 bad one (22) and no killed plays.


Chambers had a terrific game for a guy from whom almost nothing was expected. He had 27 decent run plays, 1 bad one (3), and no killed run plays. He had 31 decent pass plays, 1 bad pass play (2) and 1 killed pass play (2). Leaving Kearny for Lynch was just a really bad decision. Overall, though, he filled in better than is expected from a back up tackle.


I saw confirmation of something that I saw flashes of in the pre-season—the return of A-gap runs. Of the 28 runs, 4 went to the left C-gap (6.0 ypa), 7 to the left B-gap (3.1 ypa), 11 to the A-gap (3.1 ypa), 2 to the right B-gap (4.0 ypa) and 4 to the right C-gap (5.7 ypa). Some of the runs were cutbacks that were meant to go elsewhere but many actually appeared to be designed to go up the middle. Yes, if you take out the 19 yard TD run the ypa for the A-gap runs is a little less than 1.0 but the team was at least trying. That couldn’t be said last season so I’m guessing that it’s Turk’s influence on the offense.


The Seahawks, for whatever reason, blitzed only 4 times (12.5%) and had 8 or more in the box on 10 run plays (35.7%). I’m not sure why they exerted so little pressure on a 2nd year QB and a reshuffled offensive line. For our part, what happened to Hardy? He seems like the perfect guy to have on the field at the end of the game when you’re trying to kill the clock.



Edwards killed 4 drives, coaching killed 3, Fowler killed 2, half/end of game killed 2, Evans killed 1, Parrish killed 1, and 3 drives ended in TDs.

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