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Tuesday Morning Bills Trivia

Week two of Tuesday Morning Trivia is upon us, and I have vowed to make these harder than last week. This week Kurupt gave me a great name; therefore, Mystery Player 1 is all his. If anyone else has a player that they would like to see in Tuesday Morning Bills Trivia feel free to e-mail me. Just be sure to put TMBT in the subject line and add a clue or 4 and I'll post him in the near future.

 Mystery Player 1
I attended Ferris State University, where I became an All-American.

I was an undrafted free agent that went on to play in Super Bowl XXVIII for the Bills.

I was a part time starter for the Patriots during their run to Super Bowl XXXI.

After football I became a pro wrestler including a stint with the WWE.

Mystery Player 2
I was both an Oklahoma Sooner and a Louisville Cardinal.

I played in the NFL for both the Bills and Eagles.

I played in the XFL for the New Jersey Red Dogs with the name Big Daddy on the back of my jersey.

I am currently the assistant offensive line coach at Jacksonville University.

Mystery Player 3
I was an All-American at the University of Texas.

In 2005 I was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame.

I played for the Baltimore Colts and Buffalo Bills during my NFL career.

I was selected in the 5th round, #105 overall in the 1975 NFL draft.

Mystery Player 4
I played running back at the University of Georgia.

I played 2 years in the AFL, 1 year each for the Bills and Raiders.

I played 1 NFL season for the Atlanta Falcons.

I am best known for scoring a touchdown on a fumbled kickoff during the "Heidi Game".

**Extra Credit**
How many head coaches have the Bills had in team history?

Counting the AFL, how many division championships have the Bills won?