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Potential Bills: DE/LB Terrell Suggs

DE Suggs a pipe dream to Bills fans (Washington Post)

During the process of identifying the Buffalo Bills' biggest positional needs, the Buffalo Rumblings community nearly unanimously listed a pass-rushing defensive end as the one spot where the Bills most desperately needed an upgrade.  We have already begun the process of profiling potential Bills free agents; for reference now and in the future, all of these profiles will be available at this link.

With the NFL's free agent signing period set to begin less than one month from today (midnight on February 27), we here at Rumblings are now starting the process of profiling several top-notch free agents that the community has identified as worthy of donning the red, white and blue in 2009. As one of the most oft-repeated names simply due to his dominating ways, Baltimore's Terrell Suggs is at the top of most Bills fans' wish lists. However, Suggs is one of the top playmakers on a loaded Ravens defense, and as it stands now, it's highly unlikely that Suggs will ever hit the open market. Still, a fan can dream, right?

Terrell Suggs

Age 26 at start of 2009 season
6'3", 260 pounds
6-year NFL veteran out of Arizona State

The Bills have recorded 47 sacks as a team over the past two years combined. Of that total, their top three defensive ends - Aaron Schobel, Chris Kelsay and Ryan Denney - have combined for 17 sacks. In two years. Suggs has 13 in that span by himself, as well as three forced fumbles, a pair of interceptions and two defensive touchdowns. He's exactly the type of playmaker that the Bills need out of a pass rusher, but those players are rare enough to prevent his escape from Baltimore. Rexx, head blogger at Baltimore Beatdown, however, has had the pleasure of watching Suggs play throughout his entire NFL career. Here's what he had to say about Baltimore's pass-rushing specialist - and if you're still of the mind that signing Suggs isn't completely unrealistic, prepare for a bit of bad news...

On Baltimore's potential interest in re-signing him
"T-Sizzle is probably the most important Raven to re-sign after, of course, Ray Lewis. Lewis may be 33 years old, but he had one of his best seasons of his career last year and his value is much more than what he does on the field."

On Suggs' 2008 endeavors
"He led the Ravens in sacks this season, but perhaps his value cannot be measured in terms of just statisitics. He had two interception returns for TDs and pressured the passer every game. In the AFC Conference championship game, he played sparingly due to a shoulder injury, yet still registered two sacks in the game and chased Ben Roethlisberger all over the field."

On Suggs' future
"Suggs recently told the press that he, Ray, and Bart Scott ought to take "home town discounts" to stay together as a unit on the Ravens. I fully expect the Ravens to re-sign Suggs, either to a long term deal or with the franchise tag."

Does Suggs "Fit the Bill"?
I highly doubt that there is an NFL city where Suggs wouldn't make an impact - he's that good of a player. In Buffalo, he would be a rush end on passing situations, and there's a possibility he could be incorporated into some strong-side linebacker looks as well. So obviously, Suggs would be a great fit in Buffalo. But it's rare that players of his talent change cities, especially when he likes the city he's at to begin with. Baltimore is almost certainly going to do what it takes to keep Suggs in Ravens purple, and with the feeling reciprocated by Suggs himself, envisioning Suggs in a Bills uniform is quite literally a pipe dream.

And that's without figuring the astronomical contract that Suggs would undoubtedly demand in a city outside of Baltimore. It's going to take a massive deal and the right situation to get Suggs away from Lewis and the rest of his high-profile teammates, and Buffalo most likely ranks low on his list in that department, even if the Bills found a way to be competitive with their offer. If the Bills are looking to spend a wad of cash on one player, they're far more likely to be successful at the linebacker position.

Any thoughts on Suggs that you'd like to add? Take a gander at his stat line below and let's talk some about Terrell Suggs this afternoon. Considering the tone of our guest blogger, it may be the last time we can legitimately do so. Many thanks to Rexx for the valuable insight!

Ravens DE/LB Terrell Suggs
Year G Tk Sk INT FF PD
2003 16 27 12.0 1 6 3
2004 16 60 10.5 0 1 1
2005 16 69 8.0 2 4 5
2006 16 65 9.5 0 3 7
2007 16 78 5.0 0 1 6
2008 16 69 8.0 2 2 9
TOT 96 368 53.0 5 17 31