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Open Thread: NFL Wild Card Playoffs, Day 2

I would like to publicly apologize to fans of the Atlanta Falcons and Indianapolis Colts today.  I am a complete epic failure when it comes to correctly predicting playoff games.  It's been an issue for me as long as I've been a fan of the NFL, and said issue reared its ugly head yesterday.  On the contrary, however, I'd like to publicly say you're welcome to fans of the Arizona Cardinals (victors yesterday over the Falcons 30-24) and San Diego Chargers (defeated the Colts 23-17 in OT).

The second day of Wild Card Weekend begins at 1PM EST today; there's nothing more we can do save putting my prediction curse to yet another test.  Here we go...

Bal_medium   Mia_medium
Baltimore Ravens (11-5) at Miami Dolphins (11-5)
1:00 PM EST, CBS
Ravens coverage: Baltimore Beatdown
Dolphins coverage: The Phinsider

Let's just say that I intensely dislike the Miami Dolphins - for obvious reasons.  So let's just say that I'm a little skeptical of Miami's 9-1 finish to the season when they're beating teams like the Broncos, Seahawks, Raiders, Rams, 49ers, Chiefs, Jets, and the biggest joke of all, the Bills.  Meanwhile, the Ravens' defense is killer, they're far more battle-tested thanks to a pretty brutal schedule, and they pounded the Dolphins in Miami earlier this season.  Please, please don't let me be wrong on this one...

Prediction: RAVENS 28, DOLPHINS 17
Familiar Faces: Ravens DT Justin Bannan, S Jim Leonhard, RB Willis McGahee.

Phi_medium   Min_medium
Philadelphia Eagles (9-6-1) at Minnesota Vikings (10-6)
4:30 PM EST, FOX
Eagles coverage: Bleeding Green Nation
Vikings coverage: Daily Norseman

I honestly don't know how to call this one.  I like Philly's blitzing defense just as much as Minnesota's beefy defense.  I like Philly's passing attack just as much as Minnesota's rushing attack.  This is the most evenly matched wild card matchup in my eyes.  (Now you can expect a blowout!)  In the playoffs, winners are generally able to run and stop the run - see the Cards and Colts yesterday as proof that this theory is true - and I like Minnesota's chances to pull off that formula better than Philly's.

Prediction: VIKINGS 23, EAGLES 20
Familiar Faces: Eagles LS Jon Dorenbos, Vikings DT Pat Williams, CB Antoine Winfield

Yes, folks.  We'll be getting back to what we do best - which is clearly Bills coverage - bright and early tomorrow morning.

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