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Sprint becomes official sponsor of Rumblings, SB Nation

I'm pleased to announce that Sprint, the NFL's official telecommunications sponsor, is a proud new sponsor of both Buffalo Rumblings and all of the NFL blogs here at SB Nation.

Here's what you need to know: most Sprint phones have an application called NFL Mobile Live. It's essentially on-phone access to a mobile, live-updating version of's scoreboard and Game Center when games are going on. It also features videos exclusive to, as well as live home/road team radio coverage of every NFL game as they happen - all from your Sprint phone. Sprint afforded me the opportunity to try out the program first-hand, and let me tell you - it's excellent. I have not yet had a chance to use it while at The Ralph, but I'm betting it'll come in handy as I keep up on all the action while taking in this weekend's Buffalo/Cleveland game live - particularly if said game is as boring as it could be.

Oh, and did I mention that NFL Mobile Live features SB Nation content? Under the My Team heading (whichever team is "yours" - and clearly, we here hope it's the Buffalo Bills), you'll see SB Nation headlines for whichever team you follow - including posts from right here at Buffalo Rumblings.

In addition, Sprint has partnered with the NFL to give out 17 trips to Super Bowl XLIV next February in Miami, FL. You, dear reader, are eligible to win said trip each time you vote for the Sprint Can't Miss Plays of the Week. Simply click here and vote each week for your chance to win.