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Bills/Browns: Final Predictions with Dawgs By Nature

You know the drill - each Saturday, we sit down with the blogger of the Buffalo Bills' weekly opposition to make final predictions on the eve of game day.  I'm not particularly enthused to report that through four weeks, I'm a clean 4-0 picking Bills games (though I was admittedly far too harsh on them in my Week 1 prediction, and perhaps a bit too generous in Weeks 3 and 4).

Chris Pokorny from Dawgs By Nature, SB Nation's Cleveland Browns blog, joins us this afternoon to make his final prediction on tommorrow's Bills/Browns matchup.  Mine is after the jump as well, and yours are welcome in the comments section.

Pokorny's prediction? Right here.

I'm playing the momentum game here. The Bills have been blown out the past two weeks, while the Browns finally looked like a real football team under Derek Anderson. The last time the Browns won a game was last season at Ralph Wilson Stadium, and we also beat the Bills two seasons ago in the snow-bowl. Browns win a close game.  Browns 20, Bills 17

I've only picked the Bills to win once this season.  Today, I'm making it No. 2 - even though that terrifies me.  I've got a perfect record on the line here, folks!

I'm going with Buffalo.  I'm not picking my own team because I'm confident they'll rebound, either; on the contrary, my confidence level in their ability to play winning football right now is quite low.  I'm picking Buffalo because they're easily the more desperate football team - jobs are on the line right now - and they're at home.  That's it.  If they continue to play mistake-prone football, Cleveland has a very strong chance of beating the Bills for a third straight season.  Bills 26, Browns 21

Your predictions are, as usual, welcome and encouraged in the comments section.  Go!