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Jauron won't say "concussion" in reference to Edwards

In a brief press conference on Monday morning, Buffalo Bills head coach Dick Jauron called the injury to starting quarterback Trent Edwards a "head injury" - not a concussion - and mentioned that he'd receive further evaluation today and throughout the week.  Jauron did not provide a timetable for Edwards' injury, nor did he make any attempt to name a starting quarterback for the Bills' Week 7 matchup with the Carolina Panthers.

Edwards was injured in the second quarter of the Bills' 16-13 overtime win over the New York Jets after being sacked on a third-and-two play.  With defenders at his ankles, Edwards was hit high and driven backwards, essentially getting bent in half as he went to the turf.  The appearance of the play led early speculation that Edwards had a leg injury, but reports later on in the afternoon indicated that Edwards had suffered his second concussion in as many years.  However, as mentioned, Jauron did not use the word "concussion" today in his brief update on Edwards.

While we wait to hear more about Edwards' injury - and more importantly, whether or not he'll be able to practice this week and play Sunday in Carolina - the Bills can be comforted by the fact that they have, at the very least, a backup in Ryan Fitzpatrick that can make a play or two for you.  Though he was miles from what we'll call "good" in the Bills' win over the Jets, Fitzpatrick drove Buffalo's offense to 13 points, including a 37-yard touchdown strike to WR Lee Evans in the third quarter to tie the game.  Fitzpatrick completed just 10 of 25 passes for 116 yards with the TD and an ugly interception that, in normal circumstances, would have cost the Bills the game in OT.

While some fans will continue to insist that Fitzpatrick should be Buffalo's starting quarterback for the foreseeable future, the likelihood of that happening is small. Edwards is clearly the more talented player, and Jauron has done his best to avoid flip-flopping quarterbacks in his tenure as Bills coach. As it stands right now, Edwards is the unquestioned starter in Buffalo - and no controversy exists whatsoever. If Edwards misses time due to injury, however, Fitzpatrick will have an opportunity to hang onto the job.  Let's not forget that that's precisely how Edwards won the starting job in the first place.