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Bills/Dolphins: Final Predictions with The Phinsider

You know the drill - each Saturday, we sit down with the blogger of the Buffalo Bills' weekly opposition to make final predictions on the eve of game day.  I'm not particularly enthused to report that through three weeks, I'm a clean 3-0 picking Bills games (though I was admittedly far too harsh on them in my Week 1 prediction, and perhaps a bit too generous in Week 3).

Matty I from The Phinsider, SB Nation's Miami Dolphins blog, joins us this afternoon to make his final prediction on tommorrow's Bills/Dolphins matchup.  Mine is after the jump as well, and yours are welcome in the comments section.

Matty I's prediction? Right here.

Though I'm only 1-2 picking Dolphin games this year, I do have a strong feeling about this one on Sunday.  In case you didn't know, I'm far from a "Chad Henne blind follower."  I have been and will be very critical of him.  But I just have a feeling that the Dolphins are going to open up the offense on Sunday against a depleted Buffalo secondary and let Henne air it out far more than some might think.  The Dolphins will obviously have to protect Henne - but I think the offensive line is coming along well enough to do so.

Defensively, the Dolphins have to be more aggressive and generate a more consistent pass rush.  If the Dolphins let Trent Edwards stand back in the pocket all day, he will beat you.  He has weapons on the outside and we know the Dolphins have a tendency of giving up big plays.  As pass rush will take some pressure off of the secondary.  Oh - and my bold prediction - Sean Smith gets his first career interception on Sunday.

Dolphins win 20-16.

Y'all will probably rip me a new one - I'd deserve it, because I feel dirty putting my own prediction on the official record.  As long as y'all know how unclean this makes me feel, I'm comfortable with the prediction - and clearly extremely hopeful that I'm wrong.

I don't like the way Buffalo matches up with Miami, particularly given their grievous injury concerns.  Even with Joey Porter possibly sidelined - and my gut tells me that that [insert expletive] will find a way to play - Miami's big, physical, athletic front seven will cause big problems for a Bills offensive line that's banged up at tackle and extremely inexperienced.

But I'm not particularly concerned about Buffalo's defensive injuries in the secondary, because we've got good depth there.  Our defensive line is playing well, and I expect the focus to be containing the run in order to make Chad Henne beat us over the top.  He might do it, but it's a longer shot for the Dolphins than letting Ronnie Brown run wild.

I expect this to be a low-scoring affair.  Really, this is a pick'em game in my mind.  Whenever I get to that point, I take either the home team or the more desperate team.  Miami is both of those this week.  Dolphins 22, Bills 17

Feel free to declare your allegiance to another blog if you wish.  Or just make your own prediction, prove me wrong, and brag incessantly when you do so. I'd deserve it.