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Web Rumblings: Buffalo Bills Links, 10/5

Matt Warren is Associate Director of NFL coverage for SB Nation and previously covered the Bills for Buffalo Rumblings for more than a decade.

Sullivan: Worst loss of nauseating Jauron-Bills era : Jerry Sullivan : The Buffalo News
I know this is saying a lot, when you consider the numbing chronicle of mediocrity over the last three-plus seasons. But when you take all the circumstances into account, this one has to rank as the worst defeat of the entire Dick Jauron era in Buffalo.

WGR 550 SportsRadio - Immediate Reactions, Wk4
Nick Mendola offers his thoughts from the game.

Buffalo Bills 2-minute read | Democrat and Chronicle
A quick look at the Buffalo Bills' loss to the Miami Dolphins.

Wrap-up: Dolphins 38, Bills 10 - AFC East - ESPN
The Buffalo Bills are awful.

"Dick Slapped" : Buffalo Sports Daily
A not-so-rosy review of the loss to the Dolphins.

Scott Pitoniak: A championship for some guys who really do play for the love the game
Beleaguered and occasionally befuddled Bills coach Dick Jauron said he never considered yanking Trent Sunday and replacing him with Ryan Fitzpatrick. But calls for the backup quarterback are sure to grow louder this week, as will the calls for Jauron’s head. They lose to the Browns and things will get really ugly.

Buffalo Bills NFL News Updates - Rapid Reports
- Trent Edwards' 39-yard pass to WR Terrell Owens [in the first half] allowed him to become the eighth Bills QB to top the 5,000-yard milestone.
- WR Terrell Owens spoke in a flat, no-controversy monotone as he answered questions from the media. "We've just got to go back to the drawing board," he said. "We need to keep working hard and trying to execute."
- Even with his flat delivery, WR Terrell Owens couldn't let the day go by without making one raise-your-eyebrows statement. "We're a couple of plays from being 3-1 or 4-0," he said. "We just need to execute as a team."
- OT Jonathan Scott, moving to the left side for the injured Demetrius Bell, wore down at the end after a constant dose of Miami OLB Jason Taylor. "Fatigue wasn't much of an issue until the fourth quarter," he said. "I started losing my technique ... and he definitely took advantage of it."
- QB Trent Edwards suffered through his second consecutive rough outing, getting sacked six times in addition to his three interceptions. "We've got to do a better job for him," C Geoff Hangartner said. "Trent's doing the best he can out there."

DT Williams still sees talent – Inside The Bills
Kyle Williams was far from a satisfied player after Sunday’s loss to Miami. In fact he was pretty ticked off. The reason why is he believes Buffalo’s roster has the most talent since he became part of the roster in 2006.

Bills struggling to find positives – Inside The Bills
The Bills admitted it was hard to find positives out of Sunday’s loss to the Dolphins. There was no way to sugarcoat the defeat.

BillBoard: Worst stretch of TO's career
It's the worst four-game stretch of Owens' career as a starter in the NFL. At no point in his 14 NFL seasons has Owens started four straight games and caught fewer than 10 passes.

BillBoard: What could have been
Allen Wilson remembers Cameron Wake coming for a visit but ultimately signing with the Dolphins and registering three sacks yesterday.

Dolphins place Bills squarely on their backs : Buffalo Bills : The Buffalo News
The worst fears of Buffalo Bills fans were realized Sunday. The sense of impending doom felt when the team blew up its offense the week before the season began has come to fruition. The Bills' offense was dead in the water in Sunday's humiliating, 38-10 loss to the Miami Dolphins.

Quarterly report: Week Four : Buffalo Bills : The Buffalo News
The News' Mark Gaughan breaks down the Bills' 38-10 loss to the Dolphins quarter-by-quarter, analyzing statistics, key plays and more.

Bills-Dolphins report card : Buffalo Bills : The Buffalo News
The News' football writers assign grades for different aspects of the game. Not pretty.

Ugly loss adds to Bills' frustration : Buffalo Bills : The Buffalo News
"Everybody is going to have to look themselves in the mirror and figure out what it is we're trying to do to turn this thing around. We aren't playing really well right now." - Lee Evans

Bills notebook: Patched-together Bills line springs numerous leaks : Buffalo Bills : The Buffalo News
Scott played on the left side for Demetrius Bell, who was out with a groin injury, while Chambers took Scott's spot on the right side. Both players were overmatched by outside linebackers Cameron Wake and Jason Taylor, who had five sacks between them.

WGR 550 SportsRadio - Dolphins Thump Bills 38-10
The AP recap of Sunday's debacle.

Buffalo Bills Report Card | | Democrat and Chronicle
Sal Maiorana gives the Buffalo Bills their grades on a 38-10 loss to the Miami Dolphins. Not pretty. Again.

Buffalo Bills frustrated after domination by Miami Dolphins | | Democrat and Chronicle
"Listen fellas, you saw the game, just like I did. There's nothing for me to say. What can I say?" - Ralph Wilson

Irrelevant Buffalo Bills dominated up front | | Democrat and Chronicle
The Buffalo Bills are irrelevant because of their AFC East struggles and are getting dominated on both lines.

Dominant ground attack and defense lead Dolphins to first win of season - The Phinsider
The Phinsider blog recaps the game. It's a much happier tone over there.

Wrap-up: Dolphins 38, Bills 10 - AFC East - ESPN
The Buffalo Bills are awful.

Bills Tweets
Twitter / Kawika Mitchell

Bart Scott seams to b full of false chatter. Like watchin wrestling or listenning 2 a 10yr ol boy playin w/ bugs outside

Twitter / James Hardy
wish I was n miami now.. [expletive] this process long! jus left an important meeting about some great things so I feel a lil better

Twitter / Darryl Talley
The Bills need someone to coach the Oline, ASAP!

Twitter /'s Sigmund Bloom
Trent Edwards starting to come unraveled. I honestly wonder if Ryan Fitzpatrick could run this offense better, at least he takes chances

Twitter / Rochester D&C's Sal Maiorana
Edwards throws another pick, Will Allen this time. Let's see if Jauron has the guts to yank him and put Ryan Fitzpatrick in. He's awful 2day

Twitter / WHAM 13's Mike Catalana
it might be time to give Ryan Fitzpatrick a shot

Twitter / Darryl Talley
The Bills need 2 fire more than a coach. I see a few players who need to be sent packing.

Twitter / Darryl Talley
What a dumb ass. It's the Dolphins! Where's their pride? Fire em all. Every last one of them.

Twitter / Darryl Talley
The good people of Buffalo don't deserve this . I'm very serious right now.

Twitter / WGR's Nicholas Mendola
Like to thank the Bills for trying to reignite Miami rivalry by initiating another decade-long losing streak. WNY really needs this.

Twitter / WGR's Nicholas Mendola
Gut-feeling... that was DJ's last dance as Bills head coach. #Bills

Twitter / Darryl Talley
Does anyone out there have 1 billion I can borrow? I'd like 2 buy the Bills and give back 2 the good people of Buffalo the team they deserve

Twitter / and Sirius radio's Ross Tucker
I doubt it. Who would be interim and what does that accomplish? RT: @SeanBrunett @SI_RossTucker Is Jauron's job in danger this week?

Twitter / Darryl Talley
So far ppl have pledged $1,200, season tickets and the remainder of Juron's contract towards my cause. Anyone know Warren Buffett?

Twitter / Terrell Owens
It ws a tuff 1! Sumhow, sumway, WE hv 2 get better! Gotta stay positive!! It'll get better!

Twitter / and Sirius radio's Ross Tucker
What do U want to hear? U want blood? RT: @nybillsfan83 @SI_RossTucker Cmon Ross us Bills fans dont want that answer about Jauron.

Twitter / Kawika Mitchell
Def a ruff one. No answers 4 what happenned today. Did get some funny tweets from sum drunk ass fans. U kno who u r! lol bums. No question we must change whatever needs to b changed. Every yr is an opportunity and this 1 isn't over. Gotta get better!!

Twitter / SalSports' Sal Capaccio
@thurmanthomas Very few players have progressed under Jauron. Plenty have "regressed." That's his biggest indictment as a head coach.

Twitter / Rochester D&C's Sal Maiorana
Bills had zero rushing first downs for the first time since 1988 when they lost 24-3 to the Bears. Miami had 17 rushing first downs

Twitter / Rochester D&C's Sal Maiorana
Bills gave up 250 yards rushing; coupled with 222 last week vs. Saints, its 1st time since '79 they've had back-to-back games like that

Twitter / Thurman Thomas
Let's just wait until the Cleveland game is over next week