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Bills/Dolphins: Final Predictions with The Phinsider

We skipped out on this feature last week, but we're back in action predicting the outcome of Buffalo Bills games on Saturday. Tomorrow afternoon, the Bills take on their arch rival, the Miami Dolphins, for the first time at Ralph Wilson Stadium since December of 2007.

Joining me in prognosticating this morning is, of course, Matty I from The Phinsider. Our predictions are after the jump, and yours go in the comments section.

Matt's prediction is here:

I'm always a little leery when the Dolphins travel up to Buffalo - which is why I was thrilled last year that the game was played in a dome in Toronto in December. But the weather isn't looking like it'll be a factor and I'm confident that the Dolphins will be able to wear down the Bills - especially in the second half - with Ricky Williams and Lex Hilliard (yes, that's right - I said Lex Hilliard). Defensively, I expect the Dolphins to get pressure consistently on the passer and limit any big downfield pass attempts. With that said, while some Dolphin fans are expecting a blowout, I think this game will be tight until the fourth quarter. Dolphins 27, Bills 13

My prediction is here:

Buffalo's big problem is its inability to find balance offensively. When they can run, they can't pass, and vice versa. That's not going to change any time soon, so either the running backs will have good days, or the receivers will - not both. Either way, the Bills are good for 10-15 points, and Miami's offense is perfectly suited to wearing down Buffalo's injury-depleted defense and putting up that many points in the second half. It's happened several times this season, and my guess is we'll get more of the same tomorrow. Dolphins 26, Bills 14

Your predictions go in the comments section, and no, Matt and I did not plan on predicting the final score so closely together.