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Vote: Most disappointing 2009 Buffalo Bill

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The 4-8 Buffalo Bills still have a full quarter of their season to get through, but they're also on the verge of missing the playoffs for a tenth consecutive season. While we could spend our time in this space talking about the intricacies of four mostly-uninteresting football games, it's much more fun - and constructive, in my humble opinion - to start wrapping this season up and moving on. Again.

The premise here is simple. As a community, we're voting on the one Buffalo Bill that has most disappointed us this season. I know, the season isn't over, so there are new and unique ways that these players can twist the knife over the next month. We're doing it anyway. I've got five nominees; if you have a differe

Trent Edwards. Buffalo built its entire attack around Edwards being "the guy" at the game's most important position. The no-huddle was installed to play to Edwards' intellect, the offensive line was re-tooled, and an explosive playmaker at receiver was brought in. Then everything crumbled - the line, the offensive coordinator, and most importantly of all, Edwards' confidence. He's now the backup quarterback, and his career looks all but over in Buffalo.

Marshawn Lynch. Coming off of a Pro Bowl season, Lynch missed the first three games of the season on a league-mandated suspension. Since his return to the lineup, Lynch hasn't rushed for more than 69 yards in a game, and once Dick Jauron was replaced by Perry Fewell as head coach, Lynch lost his starting job to two-year understudy Fred Jackson. He's still an extremely talented back, but his touches are down, mostly because he hasn't been productive.

Terrell Owens. At least to me, it's been profoundly intriguing to watch Owens play in person and on my favorite team. I love the guy. But he was brought here to "fix" the offense, and while that was always an unrealistic expectation - particularly given the status of the offensive line - Owens' numbers have at least been slightly disappointing. Through 12 games, he's had one 100-yard receiving effort. He's nowhere near the offense's biggest problem, but even if it's unrealistic, I don't think there's a fan out there who isn't secretly craving more big plays before T.O. leaves Buffalo forever.

Demetrius Bell. We heard about his athleticism as a rookie, and after a solid training camp, the Bills cut Langston Walker and installed Bell at left tackle, protecting Edwards' blind side. He struggled with consistency early, and of late, he's struggled with shoulder and knee injuries. He might not play again this season, and he certainly hasn't proven he's capable of handling the left tackle spot next season.

Aaron Maybin. Right idea, wrong player? Quite possibly. Buffalo needed an instant-impact player with their top draft pick this past April, and while I'll still maintain for the time being that Maybin's potential is elite, it was clear from the moment he declared himself eligible for the 2009 NFL Draft that he'd be a project-type player. A 21-year-old kid at the most difficult defensive position to break in at? People are surprised that he has yet to record an NFL sack?