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Bills Fantasy Friday: Week 14 Start 'Em/Sit 'Em

The Buffalo Bills return to the field this Sunday as they travel to Arrowhead to face the 3-9 Kansas City Chiefs.  It's safe to say, this won't be one of the marquee games this weekend.  There also aren't many fantasy options available either.  Coming off a rotten performance in Toronto against the New York Jets, the Bills are looking for a rebound performance against a team that just got waxed at home by the Denver Broncos, 44-13.  Knowing how bad these two teams are, this could be an ugly one.  Are there any players worth starting from this game as many of you are beginning your fantasy playoffs this week?  Let's find out.

Ryan Fitzpatrick
- After a stunningly decent two week stretch, Fitzpatrick came crashing back to Earth with his horrendous 98-yard performance against the Jets.  He completed just 9 of 23 passes at 4.3 yards a pop.  It was ugly and the only positive was he rushed for 32 yards!  After facing the NFL's top ranked pass defense last week, he'll get a bit of a respite as the Bills will be going up against the 28th ranked passing defense.  The Chiefs have allowed 250.8 yard per game, 8.0 yards per attempt and 21 touchdowns thus far.  Looks appetizing, right? Well, it's Ryan Fitzpatrick we're talking about here.  Don't even consider starting him unless your league starts four QB's per team. Verdict: Sit 'Em

Matt Cassel - Cassel has been a major bust for the Chiefs so far.  The $63 million man has played so poorly that even Trent Edwards has a higher quarterback ranking.  He's completed just 53.9% of his passes at 5.7 yards per attempt.  Like Fitzpatrick, don't even think about rolling with Cassel. Verdict: Sit 'Em

Running Backs
Fred Jackson
After an excellent game against the Dolphins, Jackson struggled against the Jets last week.  He finished with 13 rushes for 31 yards and added 24 yards on 3 receptions.  But the Chiefs defense isn't the Jets defense.  Expect Jackson to have a nice bounce back game this week.  This late in the season, sometimes the best fantasy players arrive as the result of great fantasy matchups.  This could be one of those arrivals.  If Jackson gets the majority of the touches, or at least a solid 60/40 ratio, don't be surprised if he has one of the better games of his career.  He's a great flex play and makes for a pretty solid RB2 play this week. Verdict: Start 'Em

Marshawn Lynch - Lynch had a nice performance last week with six rushes for 60 yards and a touchdown.  It was probably the best he's ran all season, but he only had those six rushes.  He'll likely get more carries this week, but Jackson seems like the better play and first option.  I wouldn't be surprised by a very good performance out of Lynch, but at this point it's much more likely he'll end up with another 10 carry, 30 yard performance.  He could be a nice flex option, especially if he gets any red zone carries, but I wouldn't even consider him in a two running back league. Verdict: Sit 'Em

Jamaal Charles - Charles has been one of the biggest fantasy surprises over the past month.  The Chiefs have finally given him the majority of the touches and he's rewarding them with back-to-back-to-back-to-back nice games, including at least one touchdown in each of the past four games. He's averaged over 75 rushing yards per game in that stretch, continues to return kicks (including one for a TD against the Steelers) and is a big play RB in the passing game.  The Chiefs will rely on him early and often.  He should get 20+ touches and could reward fantasy owners with RB2 or even borderline RB1 numbers.  For leagues awarding points for return yardage, Charles is an even better option.  Verdict: Start 'Em in all leagues

Wide Receivers
Terrell Owens
- Like Fitzpatrick, Owens was coming off back-to-back good games, and just like the big-headed QB, he struggled to put up numbers against the Jets.  He should put up better numbers again this week, though it's hard to predict big numbers out of anyone in this passing game.  I think the Bills will look to continue getting the ball to him downfield, so if they can hit on a big play, Owens might put up those big numbers here.  This will be the last time I'm recommending a Bills' WR all season.  Love it. Savor it. Cherish it. Verdict: Start 'Em

Lee Evans - Evans continues playing the Invisible Man in the Bills' offense. The team just can't get him the ball and I refuse to believe it's solely on the QB and play calling. At some point, Evans needs to play consistently right?  Don't bother with him, although as typical with Evans, just as you write him off he responds with a monster game before fading into the sunset once again.  If you have the stomach, roll the dice.  Since you likely have better options, go with them. Verdict: Sit 'Em

Dwayne Bowe - In case you haven't been keeping up with the Chiefs this year, Bowe will be missing his fourth consecutive game for violating the league's substance abuse policy.  Don't say I've never looked out for your best interest, Bills friends. Verdict: Duh

Chris Chambers - From the abyss, Chris Chambers has been surprisingly good since joining the Chiefs after being cut by the Chargers. Prior to last week's 11-yard stinker, Chambers racked up 17 receptions for 319 yards and 3 touchdowns in four games.  I think last week is a lot closer to what Chambers will be doing the rest of the season.  If you are stuck, I'd go with Chambers over Evans (for example), but don't in expecting much against the league's 4th best pass defense. Verdict: Sit 'Em

Tight Ends
Shawn Nelson
, Sean Ryan
- I'm lumping them together because even though they have the same pronunciation for differently spelled named, they will probably put up the same stats for different teams.  Verdict: Sit 'Em

Rian Lindell
- Lindell had two field goals against the Jets last week and continues to be consistently okay as a fantasy kicker.  However, okay isn't what you should be looking for.  As always, go with a kicker for a better offense. Verdict: Sit 'Em

Ryan Succop - Yeah, I forgot who their kicker was and had to look it up.  I suggest you treat him the same way and disregard him totally.  Verdict: Sit 'Em

Defense/Special Teams
Buffalo D/ST
- The Bills make for a sneaky play this week against a poor Chiefs offense.  The Chiefs OL and QB's have been a part of 40 sacks this year, 2nd most in the NFL.  However, surprisingly enough, they've only turned it over 15 times thus far.  If the Bills can get after Cassel, look for a decent number of sacks and the potential for some turnovers.  Maybe they'll even get another pick six in Arrowhead again!  Unless you have a quality D/ST with a bad matchup (i.e. Denver against the Colts, Cincinnati against the Vikings, Arizona against the 49ers on the road), you'll probably steer clear of the Bills. Verdict: Sit 'Em

Chiefs D/ST - Even against the Bills, I wouldn't consider starting the Chiefs D/ST. Verdict: Sit 'Em

Buffalo D/ST
See above

Chris Chambers - Even though I could never imagine starting him, Chambers has indeed become the Chiefs go-to receiver.  If Cassel can get the passing game going, Chambers could be in line for some good numbers this week.


In what might be the last game any Bills player might have a relevant fantasy performance, let's hope we see some offensive production this week.  Another ugly season can't end soon enough, but one more quality performance will at least give us a positive for this team heading into the Holidays!  Good luck to any of you (except Brian) who may be taking part in your league's fantasy playoffs this week.  Go Bills!