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Patriots 17, Bills 10: Week 15 Film Session

Listen. It's a holiday week. I'm on vacation for most of it. There was absolutely no way that I was going to waste my time re-watching the Buffalo Bills' 17-10 loss to the New England Patriots. It's enough that I'm a Bills fan, and therefore subjected myself to that type of performance once. It wasn't going to happen again. I'd like to spend my holidays sane.

Rather than talk about what I saw on the re-watch, therefore, I'm just going to dump the notes I took during the game as it happened live, krytime mind dump style. These notes won't appear in our usual verbose manner; rather, they're copied verbatim, in bullet point form. If you're confused by any of the references or the meaning behind some of the statements, feel free to ask.

  • Good game planning from Perry Fewell/Alex Van Pelt. Hit 'em where they're missing players. (Guess that only applies to the first drives.)
  • Richie Incognito is one of the strangest-shaped dudes I've ever seen.
  • Like what I'm seeing from Geoff Hangartner and Andy Levitre. Both solid players.
  • Terrible idea to sub in an extra OT on that goal line play. Just asking for a penalty. Bye, TD.
  • Pretty sad that BUF is so bad on misdirection that Welker can pick up a first down on an end around, 3rd & 2. They've got to know it's coming sometime. Nice play call.
  • Terrific read by Paul Posluszny on the interception.
  • Pats are going to have a field day rushing the passer. Belichick always knows how to get pressure.
  • Holy Lord, Donte Whitner looked awful in deep coverage. Ugly, ugly PI penalty on Moss.
  • Brady knows how to attack Jairus Byrd - go high. Byrd might never be a good red zone defender.
  • Man, I like watching Mike Wright play football. Tough dude.
  • Absolutely no way the Bills will be able to attack NE deep.
  • Why can't Terrell Owens be used the same way NE uses Moss? That middle route was too easy, and too quick.
  • Yet another penalty on the DBs. Getting abused.
  • Aaron Schobel isn't great, but he makes at least one heady play every game.
  • A quarter and a half in, we have a Lee Evans sighting.
  • Two holding penalties now on Incognito. Not surprising, but killer nonetheless.
  • Have to figure out a new way to praise Fred Jackson.
  • Drive killed by a terrible Ryan Fitzpatrick throw. Good idea, horrid execution - Josh Reed wasn't even open. Throw it away!
  • Another end around, this time to Matt Slater. So annoying to watch them repeatedly abused by this play.
  • Laurence Maroney looks fantastic. (Easy to do against BUF.)
  • PI on Reggie Corner. DBs are complaining, but the calls are legit. TD coming...
  • ... and there it is. Maroney from a yard out.
  • Didn't like Fewell's decision to kick the long FG. Rather have seen a hail mary; down 14-3 at the half.
  • Screen pass execution not working - gee, I wonder why? Do you think Belichick might have expected it?
  • Terrence McGee's shoulder injury looks pretty serious. Might see Ashton Youboty next week, with Corner starting.
  • Six straight NE run plays. Should have been running more all day.
  • Shawn Nelson seems to be a focal point of the game plan. Nothing wrong with that.
  • Come on, T.O. He's losing focus. False start, probably a drive-killer.
  • Nice heads up play by Jackson, catching the tipped pass from Jonathan Stupar.
  • Nelson wide open - Fitzpatrick misses him by a good yard and a half. I want a QB. :(
  • NE three and out. Defense is doing its job; NE looks pretty out of sync, though.
  • Trent Edwards?!
  • Hate this move by Fewell. 5 is not your QB. Don't ask him to save the game.
  • Trent's down. Hobbles off the field. Horrible, horrible decision, Perry.
  • Surprised there aren't more boo birds - Fitzpatrick back in, Brian Brohm on the sidelines.
  • Another sack. Absolutely brutal pass blocking.
  • Josh Reed drops a touchdown. Holy crap. Zero focus from the receivers today.
  • Another NE three-and-out. Can't blame the D for this loss.
  • Roscoe Parrish with a 20-yard punt return. Bills ball, deep in NE territory. Might we be on to something?
  • Beautiful catch by Lee for the TD. First career TD against the Pats. It's about time.
  • Of course it's Aaron Maybin on the false start. Of course it is. Who else would it be? The blogging gods hate me.
  • Pats' first third-down conversion of the quarter is a stupid little throw to Welker. Ballgame.