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Game Day Web Rumblings: Buffalo Bills Links, 12/3

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BillBoard: Toronto not excited about Bills
"While the Bills will have a lot of fans in Rogers Centre Thursday night, there will be a large segment of spectators cheering for the Jets and those with no rooting interest at all. Meanwhile, the local papers are filled with stories about how poorly Bills games are being received by the public. "

Bills Gameday vs. Jets | Democrat and Chronicle
Beat writer Sal Maiorana breaks down tonight’s game between the Bills and Jets in Toronto.

Rogers hitches itself to the wrong team - The Globe and Mail
"In buying into a dysfunctional football organization like the Bills, the organization bringing the NFL to Canada was always fighting a losing battle."

Jauron a vanishing act in team photo(shop) -
"Before Sunday's game against the Miami Dolphins, the Bills gave away team photos as fans passed through the turnstiles at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Former head coach Dick Jauron, fired two weeks ago, was removed from the team photo as though he never existed."

Game Previews
Bills try to bring the noise in Toronto : Buffalo Bills : The Buffalo News
"The Bills did not have a home-field edge when they played Miami in Toronto last year. The crowd was split about 50-50 in terms of cheering for each team. In fact, it would be more accurate to say it was 30-30, with about 40 percent of the crowd not particularly rooting for either side."

Bills-Jets scouting report : Buffalo Bills : The Buffalo News
Breaking down tonight's matchup with Allen Wilson.

Short turnaround puts stamina to the test : The Buffalo News
"This will be the teams' third game in 12 days, a grueling stretch that forced both teams to scale back their practices this week."

T.O. telling Toronto to show – Inside The Bills
"Here I am," Terrell Owens said. "It feels good. Looking forward to the game tomorrow and all of the Canadians out here in Toronto – you all come out and support the game tomorrow, it’s going to be a good one."

"We’re here!" Bills arrive in Toronto for game |
Perry Fewell discusses the trip north and the atmosphere that the BIlls feel and want from the fans.

Do Or Die For Bills & Jets In Toronto : Buffalo Sports Daily
Pat Moran previews tonight's game against the Jets.

WGR 550 SportsRadio - Home of the Buffalo Sabres - T.O. and the Bills in TO
"The Bills fielded questions from the media at the Rogers Center in Toronto about Thursday's game against the Jets. Here are Wednesday’s transcripts:"

Toronto may not give Buffalo Bills home-field advantage vs New York Jets | Democrat and Chronicle
"Tonight, the Bills "host" the New York Jets in the second of five regular-season games Buffalo will play in Toronto as part of an agreement that deposited $78 million into the team's bank account and is supposed to expand the market base, thus providing future financial stability for the franchise."

Rochester Time Warner viewers won't see Buffalo Bills game against New York Jets | Democrat and Chronicle
"If you're a Time Warner Cable subscriber, you can watch the Buffalo Bills play the New York Jets tonight from the comfort of your home — IF you live in Buffalo, but not if you live in the Rochester area."

T.O. eager to play in T.O. when Bills host Jets | Bleacher Report
Terrell Owens is going to invite Darrelle Revis to his birthday party this weekend - after he scores on him. In the words of John Wawrow here, "Snap!"

Video: Jets will run over Bills in rematch - AFC East Blog - ESPN
With better ball control by Jets rookie
Mark Sanchez, who threw five interceptions, ESPN analyst KC Joyner sees the Jets taking the rematch.

NFL Preview - N.Y. Jets (5-6) at Buffalo (4-7)
The Sports Network previews tonight's game.

NFL Game Center: New York Jets at Buffalo Bills - 2009 Week 13
New York Jets at Buffalo Bills NFL Game Center

NFL Videos: Top 5 Jets-Bills moments
Scott Hanson counts down the top 5 Jets-Bills moments before they square off Thursday night.

NY Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez eager for another shot at Buffalo Bills | New York Jets -
"Before Mark Sanchez can completely move forward and bring an entire organization with him, he must exorcise his personal demons from the Jets’ first meeting with the Buffalo Bills."

Bills Daily Gameday Preview
The Bills blog previews the match.

View From the Great White North
Woolsey: Hopeful Bills look to future -
Trent Edwards' picture hangs outside the Rogers Centre next to a mural of B.J. Ryan. Both are signs that their teams are moving on.

Bills' Mace excited to play in Toronto | Football | Sports | Toronto Sun
Corey Mace is Canadian and his CFL rights belong to the Argonauts but he hopes he only plays one game a year in Toronto.

Fewell turns Bills’ offence around - The Globe and Mail
"There’s no doubting the Bills (4-7), whose season will continue tonight in Toronto at Rogers Centre with a so-called home game against the New York Jets (5-6), have been quick to embrace the go-for-broke approach of the new coach."

Owens thinks Toronto could support NFL team -
The national sports outler gives its preview of the game including T.O., Canadian players Corey Mace and the Jets' Jamaal Westerman, and the viability and success of the Toronto series.

The Sports Network - National Football League
The ESPN of Canada gives their preview for the game.

It's fourth down, what next? | Steve Simmons | Columnists | Sports | Toronto Sun
Steve Simmons lauds Ralph Wilson for not moving the Bills put chides him for not having a succession plan in place.

More Bills News
Kelly's Call: Fitz, Fewell and the future |
"[Ryan Fitzpatrick] took the approach of letting it all hang out. As he saw it, there was little to lose and a lot to gain. From what I saw he took advantage of the situation and he didn’t wait."

Centre stage an unlikely spot for Hangartner : The Buffalo News
Jerry Sullivan profiles Buffalo's other free agent signing, center Geoff Hangartner.

Video: AFC East Huddle - AFC East Blog - ESPN's John Clayton takes a look at the state of the AFC East heading into Week 13.

No drops for T.O. with new QB, coach - AFC East Blog - ESPN
Owens hasn't dropped a pass since Fewell and Fitzpatrick took over. He's also been singing Ryan Fitzpatrick's praises.

Fewell creating buzz in Buffalo - AFC East Blog - ESPN
Fewell was ringing up a 79 percent as of Wednesday morning.

Buffalo-Area Businesses Pay the Price for Bills’ Trip -
Local businesses and families are severely impacted by the Bills moving one game to Canada and the loss of revenue on game day.

POLLOCK: Fewell getting a crash course as head coach | Olean Times Herald
"You come in a lot earlier and you have to watch both sides of the ball," said Fewell about the change. "Different things that come up through the day: personnel situations, practice squad situations, communication with different members of the staff, be it the training staff, the GM, personnel staff ... and that’s time consuming."

Stat Sheet Remains Mostly Empty For Evans : Buffalo Sports Daily
"While Terrell Owens has been the desire of new starting quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick’s affection, Lee Evans shopping cart for footballs has been mostly empty."

Pocket Presence: Time For a Change -- NFL FanHouse
"Buffalo's probably out of it at 4-7, but if Fitzpatrick continues to play well, they'll at least have something to build on for next season." Really?

Biggs: Vikings check out a quarterback | National Football Post
The Minnesota Vikings put veteran quarterback Gibran Hamdan through a tryout today, according to a league source. They were also working out WRs and with a solid QB position there, it makes you wonder if he wasn't just an arm. blog " NFL ratings through 12 weeks
Buffalo ranks 23rd in the NFL according to PFR.

Team in Transition
All this Bills fan wants for Christmas is ... Ron Wolf! | Nick Bakay |

"Memo to Ralph Wilson: Even if your Buffalo Bills win by seven touchdowns Thursday night on NFL Network, don't let that fool you. This team is in dire need of a major facelift."

WGR 550 SportsRadio - Trestman loves Canada
"[Marc] Trestman is happy in Quebec, and says he will not head to the NFL." Sorry CBF.

Comments on Fewell – Inside The Bills
Steve Mariucci and Mike Martz both offered their take on how Fewell has to approach things from here on out.

Bills Tweets
Kawika Mitchell

Goin back 2 Buffalo. Everything is on point w/ my leg. Doc sounds +. Time 2 build strength! May the fun begin

Aaron Maybin (from yesterday)
Focused on tomorrow....I AM the Master of My Fate. I AM the Captain of My Soul!

Sal Maiorana
I follow Aaron Maybin on Twitter. His latest tweet: "I am the Master of My Fate. I Am the Captain of My Soul!" I just wish he'd make a tackle