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Buffalo Bills vs New York Jets: Open Game Thread

Buffalo Bills (4-7) vs New York Jets (5-6)
Thursday, December 3, 2009 at 8:20 PM EST
Rogers Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Jets on SB Nation: Gang Green Nation

Perry Fewell is 1-1 as interim head coach of the Buffalo Bills, and in just his third game as a pro head coach, he's taking his team international. Buffalo will play its second regular season game in Toronto in around twenty minutes' time when they take on the New York Jets.

Playoff hopes are dim for the Bills, but Fewell's star is rising, and the team has been entertaining and competitive under his leadership. Draft position and a head coaching search remain big talking points within this fan base, but let me tell you something: the Bills were 0-6 in divisional games this season, and while they're 2-2 in this season, two wins against our three most hated rivals just isn't enough.

So damn the torpedoes. Forget about everything else. Focus your energies on the idea of Rex Ryan shaking Fewell's hand at mid-field after the Bills have swept his Jets. Relish the thought of the Bills sweeping the Jets - a team I personally loathe more than any other team in the league - for the second time in three years. No matter how down and out this team is, or upon which critical issues our attentions are focused, beating an enemy is never, ever unenjoyable. GO BILLS.