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Conflicting reports on Cowher's interest in Buffalo

Sal Capaccio, via Buffalo Sports Daily, is reporting that a source close to former Pittsburgh head coach Bill Cowher says that the one-time Super Bowl champion coach is "impressed and interested" in the Buffalo Bills. The source also tells Capaccio that Cowher has not shut the door on his possibly becoming the Bills' next head coach.

Per the report, Cowher is not necessarily seeking front office power, as most have assumed he would, and that Cowher is keeping his options open, including monitoring the situation in Tampa Bay, who reached out to Cowher this past weekend. That report came via's Jason La Canfora, who also noted that Cowher has been making calls to put together a coaching staff for next season.

Capaccio's report flies in the face of La Canfora's, who claimed over the weekend that the Bills "aren't on Cowher's radar," citing multiple sources. Though many experts have mentioned over the past month and a half that Cowher-to-Buffalo isn't a possibility, and that Cowher had in fact already "turned down" the Bills, those reports were erroneous. As La Canfora points out, Cowher's only stance to this point has been this: he's not going to talk with any teams with current coaches, nor with teams with coaching vacancies during the regular season.

The report from Capaccio is certainly going to spark some excitement - and as I've been asked this several times already this morning, yes, Sal is a reliable source, and you can trust his report. But honestly, I'm not seeing much new here - Cowher was never officially out of play with Buffalo, and it's in his best interest to gather as many suitors as possible, as Mike Florio pointed out this morning. Just as Buffalo was a contender for Mike Shanahan until he removed his name from consideration, so, too, are the Bills contenders for Cowher's services.

My advice: store this report in the corner of your brain and try not to freak out. We've also heard reports recently that the Bills are going to be very thorough in their re-structure, starting with their front office. This is the time of year where reports surface about pretty much everything for teams with upcoming change, and for prominent men looking for jobs. Nothing has changed folks. Stay patient - things will really start cooking next week.