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Web Rumblings: Buffalo Bills Links, 12/7

Ed note: with news coming yesterday of the NFL's plans to change the way it shares revenue and the utter lack of Bills news, I decided to give a refresher on some changes that will take place without the salary cap as it's set up in the current Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Looking ahead to a potential uncapped NFL year - Buffalo Rumblings
Buffalo Rumblings, with a bit of help from SI's Peter King, takes a look at the potential ramifications of an uncapped NFL season in 2010.

INSIDE THE CAP with J.I. Halsell: What Free Agency Will Look Like in an Uncapped Year: The Final Eight Plan
Great write up from Inside the Cap about how free agency is going to change in the uncapped year.

Week 11 MMQB - Peter King -
"The uncapped year is definitely going to happen. We're already running short on time. I could be wrong ... But I think at this point in the life of the NFL, the uncapped year is something the owners are willing to take a look at. If that ends up happening, it could really change the landscape of the NFL.'' -- New York Giants center and player rep Shaun O'Hara, to me and Bob Papa on Sirius/XM NFL Radio Friday morning.

MMQB June 8 - Peter King -
Changes with the CBA would affect retired players on disability, too. Read more here.

Players Are Starting To Figure Out That Uncapped Year Is A Mirage |
Minimum individual salaries would still be applied from this season but teams wouldn't have a salary floor.

Uncapped year may mean less money for free agents - Mike Florio - NFL - Sporting News
Mike Florio discusses the ramifications on most free agents in the uncapped year.

Other News
Jaguars Makes Roster Moves - Press release on

Former Bills draft pick DB Kennard Cox was signed by the Jaguars to their active roster.

WGR 550 SportsRadio - Draft Spotlight - Jimmy Clausen
Joe Buscaglia runs down Clausen's list of awards and history in preparation of the 2010 NFL Draft.

Bills Tweets
Aaron Maybin

finally back in Buffalo....its 30 degrees...smh

Nic Harris
Back to work, productive day ahead!

Peter King on Twitter:
Teams will still share about $6 billion in rev. it's a shot across the bow to players, who will seek to get NFL's intentions overturned. [The report cited only 100M would not be shared but rest of 6B is safe for now.]