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Super Bowl XLIII Open Thread

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Super Bowl XLIII
Arizona Cardinals (12-7) vs Pittsburgh Steelers (14-4)
6:00 PM EST
Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, FL (NBC)

It's Super Bowl Sunday, Rumblers! I don't care who you are or which NFL team you support, Super Bowl Sunday is a spectacle to behold. Tonight at 6PM on NBC, the upstart Arizona Cardinals, led by one of the best stories in NFL history in Kurt Warner, will attempt to win themselves a championship while simultaneously preventing the Pittsburgh Steelers from obtaining their sixth. America usually roots for the underdog; today, most of America are pulling for the Cardinals.

I'm one of those people. The Cardinals are the underdog franchise, to be certain, but it's also a franchise that has risen out of the doldrums of the NFL to compete on the league's biggest stage. Win or lose, the Cardinals are once again legitimate in NFL circles. Their rise embodies everything I hope the Buffalo Bills can achieve from a similar situation; I feel it's my duty to root for the Cardinals for that reason alone. But while I'll be cheering the Cardiac Cards on, I'm going to pick the Steelers in this one, 27-21.

This is an open thread for the big day. Any topic is up for grabs. Where (or if) you'll be watching; the delicious spread you'll be devouring; who you're pulling for; your game prediction; is John Madden immortal?; favorite Super Bowl memories; anything and everything is open for discussion today. We won't get another national holiday for a couple of months, folks, so enjoy Super Bowl Sunday while it lasts!