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Tuesday Morning Bills Trivia

WARNING: The kid gloves are officially off. I tried making these posts doable for everyone, but the mystery player tends to not stay a mystery for too long. So there will be a certain difficulty level to these that will hopefully make the mystery players stay mysteries longer.

Mystery Player 1
My Middle name is Wilson.

I attended the University of North Carolina.

I played for 3 NFL teams during my career, the Bills, Giants and Panthers.

I was drafted in the 9th round #235 overall.

Mystery Player 2
I attended Northeastern University.

I finished as Northeastern's all-time leader in tackles with 489.

I spent two seasons with the Bills in the mid '90s.

I did an impressive 36 reps at the 225 bench press at the combine.

Mystery Player 3
I was born in Guadalajara, Mexico.

I attended UCLA.

I was selected to the Pro Bowl in 1977.

I also played for the Oklahoma Outlaws of the USFL.

Mystery Player 4
I attended the University of Conneticut.

I played 4 years for 4 different franchises.

The Bills were the first team I played for and the Green Bay Packers were the last.

I finished with a pathetic 35 of 75 field goals made for my career (46.7%).