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Buffalo Rumblings Authors Mock, Take Four

Well, three are in the books, so here's your fourth Buffalo Rumblings Authors Mock of the week. With free agency not involved, it's tougher to predict what could or should happen, but I think I have put together a mock to blow some minds and scare some children.

(Click player names for highlight video)

Round 1: Everette Brown, DE, Florida State
There's a good chance Brown will be gone by the time we pick, but I think there's a decent possibility of him being there for us. He would help fill our pass rush need better than any other player in the draft, in my opinion. I like Brown better than Brian Orakpo because of his wide array of pass rush moves, relentlessness and overall potential as a big-time NFL pass rusher. I won't rest until the pass rush is addressed properly. Brown would be a great start for us.

Round 2: Kenny Britt, WR, Rutgers
Oh no I di'int! Really, I just wanted to shake things up a bit here, or something like that. I have my C and TE prospects coming up in the following rounds and feel we'll be able to fill those needs there. We really need another playmaker on offense, especially since I, for one, don't see that bright of a future for James Hardy. Britt is a more explosive big WR than Hardy could ever dream of being. He might not have top flight straight-line speed, but he's quicker and more elusive. Best of all, he's big and physical and does well after the catch. Plus, how can you argue 149 catches for over 2600 yards and 15 scores the past two seasons? He needs to work on consistency and concentration, but the talent and ability is more than oozing out of Britt. He's cocky; we need a little bit of that on offense. We've got to do more than one-trick pony Lee Evans and possession wideouts Josh Reed and Steve Johnson, and I think Britt has superstardom in his future. Let the debate and insults begin! (I would prefer a vet WR first, but since we don't have that available to us, I opt for adding a top talent at the position.)

Round 3: Eric Wood, C, Louisville
Obviously, we all want Alex Mack, but that isn't happening unless we move back into the first round. I would be all over him in round two if he were to be available with our pick, but I don't think it's likely. I don't think Wood is a top-45 prospect and it's very likely that he'll be around for our third pick. I like Wood's physicality, intelligence and experience. He does need to continue working on his strength and technique, but he's a nice all around center prospect and should be ready to start early on.

Round 4: Travis Beckum, TE, Wisconsin
Either Beckum or Cornelius Ingram with this pick. I believe the team will be going after a one-dimensional pass receiving TE, and would be better off waiting until the third or fourth rounds to do so. Beckum, coming off a broken leg in late October, will not only have to show scouts he's healthy, but will have to prove he has the skills to play TE. Beckum is as good as they come as a receiver at the position, but needs a ton of work blocking and bulking up a bit. He's smooth, fluid and has great hands, but he's just 235 pounds and coming off a major injury. I could see him moving up the boards quickly if he can prove he's 100% by the time the combine rolls around, but that seems unlikely just four months after breaking his leg. A healthy Beckum would really help the passing game, perhaps immediately.

Round 5: Phillip Hunt, DE, Houston
Honestly, I don't see how any OLB prospect after the first couple of rounds would beat out even Keith Ellison for a starting job. I believe free agency is the best way to address this position anyhow, and with Alvin Bowen John DiGiorgio returning from injury, how impactful will a fourth OLB be? I'd rather beef up the pass rush even more. A guy like Hunt can be a very useful draftee. He's a bit undersized at 6'1" and 260 pounds, but uses his lower center of gravity to gain great leverage in rushing the passer. He struggles a bit against the run, but that's not why I'm bringing him in. I'm bringing him in for those 24.5 sacks and 36.5 tackles for loss over the past two seasons. He's a guy with a nice burst and keeps improving. At worst, he can contribute on special teams, just like any OLB would here.

Round 6: Sammie Lee Hill, DT, Stillman
Sorry Brian, the fourth round seems really high for this guy, but I do subscribe to your theory of adding a ginormous DT. He is VERY raw and may have a tough time making the jump from tiny Stillman, wherever that is. Hill didn't stand out at the East/West Shrine practices and has a lot to learn before really being a contributor at this level. In fact, he's probably only being drafted because of his size at this point. Tiny school players very rarely go higher in the draft, so I think there's a fine chance of him being available in the later rounds. If he was drafted by now, I'd look to DT Myron Pryor of Kentucky later on, a very talented player who was slowed some by injuries.

Round 7: Brannan Southerland, FB, Georgia
I really don't like drafting fullbacks much higher than the sixth or seventh round. With Quinn Johnson and Tony Fiammetta likely taken just prior to this pick, the Bills should opt for another of the top fullbacks available this year. Southerland is just as good as the other two, but is flying under the radar a bit. He's as good a lead blocker as there is this year and if we do draft a FB, I'm hoping it's one of these three in the seventh round.

Some potential undrafted free agents I'd look to add: Nate Ness FS Arizona, Victor Butler DE/OLB Oregon St, Keegan Herring RB Arizona State, Don Carey CB Norfolk St


If Brown, Orakpo, Curry and I suppose Raji and Maybin were all gone by #11, I would hope the Bills would be working the phones feverishly trying to move down. I don't like any other potential #11 pick, so trading down and then selecting, say, Alex Mack in the 20's, and getting another second rounder would be ideal.

I have a feeling I'm going to get ripped for some of my picks (specifically Britt and Hunt), but I'm ready for it! We need to add talent at all of these positions, so don't be too hostile. I think we have to address OLB, OL depth, and backup QB at the bare minimum in free agency. I wish I could add a safety and veteran WR at that point too. Have at it!