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Bottom Ten Bang for the Dollar Bills

Earlier this week I put together a list of the Top Ten "Bang for the Buck" players on the Buffalo Bills showcasing the best production for the lowest salary.  I can't believe I put "Buck" instead of "Dollar Bills" though.  It is so much better this way with the pun! 

Here is the list many of you have been waiting for - the worst production for the amount of money we paid them.  To take a look at the rest of the list of main Bills contributors and their salaries, take a look at the other article, linked above.

The total payroll for the Buffalo Bills last year was $113,364,927.  We had zero players in the top 25 highest paid players in the league.  Because the total payroll includes practice squad and players placed on injured reserve, it doesn't always line up with the $116,729,000 salary cap from 2008.  If you line up all the salaries from most to least, and split the difference, the median salary on the Buffalo Bills last year was $1,154,000.  The numbers listed in parentheses are the total cap hit for a player this year; salary plus bonuses. 

Tier III
(Main contributors with cap hits between twice and thrice the team median $1.15M = $2.3M to $3.45M)

Robert Royal ($ 2,327,160)
Brad Butler ($ 2,493,190)
Kyle Williams ($ 2,502,090)
Donte Whitner ($ 2,734,500)
Josh Reed ($ 2,925,000)
JP Losman ($ 3,068,730)
Ryan Denney ($ 3,102,040)
Melvin Fowler ($ 3,321,108)

Tier IV
(Main contributors with cap hits more than thrice the team median $1.15M = greater than $3.45M)

Spencer Johnson ($ 3,503,840)
Kawika Mitchell ($ 4,003,240)
Terrence McGee ($ 4,125,000)
Roscoe Parrish ($ 4,256,080)
Jason Peters ($ 4,450,000)
Chris Kelsay ($ 5,000,000)
Marcus Stroud ($ 5,668,706)
Langston Walker ($ 6,001,800)
Derrick Dockery ($ 6,353,240)
Aaron Schobel ($ 8,723,555)
Lee Evans ($ 10,462,627)

2008 Bottom Ten Bang for the Bills Team

Dishonorable Mentions: Duke Preston, Spencer Johnson, Robert Royal

10. Lee Evans - I am a fan of Lee Evans.  He went about his business the right way and got his big contract.  With that being said he underplayed this year's cap hit.  Granted, most of this year's salary was essentially a bonus because they had the cap room but he had 3 TD to show for his $10.5M cap hit.  Ouch.  He did lead the team in catches with 63 and broke the 1,000 yard mark while averaging a healthy 16 yards per catch.  Even so, he was the second-highest paid receiver in the league behind Marvin Harrison.  Not the Bang for the Bill.

9. Ryan Denney - Denney put up solid statistics and was our most consistent DE this year.  That being said he earned $3.1M for 4 sacks.  He did put up a respectable 39 tackles and batted down nine passes, so even when he didn't get pressure, he disrupted the play.  He is the first DE of three on the list, one of the reasons you see the authors' mocks all containing early-round defensive ends.

8. Melvin Fowler - $3.3M to be a back-up to Duke Preston.  I can understand if we brought in an established guy and had Fowler back him up, but Duke Preston?  I am shocked he's not higher on the list.  But then again, we had a lot of candidates this year.

7. Roscoe Parrish - Four million dollars = 2 TD.  I love watching him return punts, but he is vastly overpaid if that's all he's gonna do.  One of the scores was his awesome punt return on opening day; the other, a receiving TD.  He caught 24 balls for 232 yards, but he got paid a million more bucks this year than Josh Reed did, and Reed is a consistent receiver.

6. Donte Whitner - He was the seventeenth-highest paid safety in the league and one of the least impactful.  Only one pass defended and no interceptions?  At least he had a sack.  It's bizarre that he's only sixth on the list!

5. Aaron Schobel - Aaron Schobel earned $1.75M per game he actually played this year.  I wish I had that job.  One sack, one pass defended, and 18 tackles is pretty measly.  How did he only land at number five?  I shudder to continue.  How is this guy so low on the list?

4. J.P. Losman - Not only did he rarely help the Bills (TD bomb in Arizona comes to mind) but more often than not he hurt them.  His audible-INT from the three yard line in Toronto turned a winnable game into an embarrassment.  He made $3M: that's $600k per game played, $200k for every sack he took, or $1.5 million per TD pass and quarterbacks ahead of him on the depth chart at the end of the year.

3. Chris Kelsay - I initially had Kelsay ranked behind Losman simply because he actually did something for the team this year.  Then I looked at it a little more objectively and saw his salary cap hit and couldn't keep him any lower.  He earned $2.5M per sack.  Two. Point. Five. Million. Dollars. PER SACK!  He is paid to get to the QB and failed.  He had 33 tackles to come in behind epic defenders named Ko Simpson, Ryan Denney, and Bryan Scott on the Bills' stat sheet.  I can't fathom paying him $5M for this production next year, but at least he contributed something.

1b. John McCargo - McCargo made over $1.5M last year for this stat line; nada.  NOTHING.  Steve Johnson, the WR, had at least one tackle.  I, Matt Warren, had as many sacks, tackles, and INTs as John McCargo.  Can I have $1.5 million, please?

1a. Angelo Crowell - He earned a shade under $2M to record no stats.  His decision to have surgery the week before the season put a big dent in the Bills' plans.  Even if he has come back in a couple months, the surgery could have been performed earlier in the off-season.  The Worst Bang for the Dollar Bill award goes to Angelo Crowell and his wasted money.

Go ahead and make your own lists and post them in the comments.  I look forward to hearing from the Kelsay crowd.