Marshawn Lynch Arrested

: I dunno why there's been no coverage of this so far, but apparently the 6 PM telecast in KABC Los Angeles had him arrested for carrying a concealed firearm in Culver City. He's already been released on bail.

Although there's been NO report of it online, this was part of the  TV broadcast and several Cal Bears fans reported it. I can't see why they'd lie about this. Hopefully it was just mistaken identity.

Update: Apparently if you want to confirm this info, you can check with the Culver City PD. Here's a link to their department.

Just got off the line with the Culver City PD Watch Commander. He read me what sounded like a formatted press release which stated that ML was among three men who were stopped on February 11 riding in a Mercedes Benz in that City. A hand gun was found concealed in the vehicle and follow up investigation confirmed that the gun belonged to Marshawn Lynch. Lynch was booked for possession of a concealed weapon and he was subsequently released on bail. The case will be presented early next week to the DA who will decide whether or not to prosecute. That is all that the WC had available. He referred me to their media Lieutenant who will be out for the next several days. It will be interesting to see whether the story goes any further over the next few days. If no one has run with it so far, it might get more play if and when the DA decides to prosecute.

EDIT: LA County Sheriff has information on a Marshawn Terrell Lynch, born 4/2/86, being arrested on a felony charge on 2/11/09 at 1800, being released on bail of 35K at 2045. You can do a search of his name here. Coverage or no coverage, I think the question mark can be taken off here.

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