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Tuesday Morning Bills Trivia

Another Tuesday and another edition of Tuesday Morning Bills Trivia. If you remember last week, I stumbled onto something intriguing. Last week I had an unintentional typo leading to a "false clue" in one of the Mystery Players' clues. That is now going to become a staple in the trivia. There will be only one false clue and it could be in ANY of the four set of clues. Good luck.

Mystery Player 1
I have made 6 stops in during my 10 year NFL career (one team twice).

I attended the University of California.

I finished with 46.5 sacks for my career.

I spent one year with the Bills.

Mystery Player 2
A Trenton, New Jersey native, I attended Georgia Tech University.

I scored the first touchdown in Dolphins history.

I was the Dolphins' team MVP in 1966.

  I now own Competitive Edge Motorsports in the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series.

Mystery Player 3
I attended Clemson University.

I have played in the CFL, the NFL, and the WLAF in my career.

I was the Offensive MVP of the WLAF.

I was a sixth round pick in the 1986 NFL Draft.

**Extra Credit**

What the heck is the WLAF?

Mystery Player 4
I was a four year starting offensive lineman at Memphis State University.

I am a member of the Bills' All-1960s (AFL) Team.

I wore jersey number 79.

I started my career with the San Diego Chargers.