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Monday Bills Update: Post-XLIII, HOF Edition

First thing's first - congratulations to the Pittsburgh Steelers for their thrilling Super Bowl XLIII victory over the Arizona Cardinals, 27-23.  With six Super Bowl championships under their belts, the Steelers keep adding to their resume of "best small-market pro sports franchise on planet Earth".  Well played, Pittsburgh.  (Oh, and Ben Roethlisberger is kind of clutch.  Kind of.)

Back here in Buffalo, however, the big news continues to center around the Bills' dynamic duo of Hall of Fame inductees, owner Ralph Wilson and defensive end Bruce Smith...

Brlogo_medium   Allen Wilson of The Buffalo News writes that Ralph Wilson was "shocked" by his selection to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  (Truth be told, I think everyone else was, too.)  Wilson's resume, however, proves his induction a worthy development.

Brlogo_medium   Allen Wilson (him again) doesn't write that Bruce Smith was shocked by his selection to the Hall.  Nobody was shocked there.  But Wilson still pens an article about Smith's relationship with his parents.  Oh, and Smith's resume includes more than just 200 sacks, too.

Brlogo_medium   The one Bills finalist who didn't get elected to the Hall (this time around) was wide receiver Andre Reed.  Reed's falling short was hardly a surprise, but at least one writer thinks that Reed should get in sooner rather than later.'s Tim Graham agrees, but believes that Wilson's induction is a bad sign for Reed.

Brlogo_medium   Could you root for the Niagara Bills? Apparently, if you say it a thousand times, it "doesn't sound so wacky".  I have not yet repeated it a thousand times, but it's been a few now, and it sounds gross.  Still, this is a compelling idea to regionalize the Bills and keep them entrenched in the Western New York area, and that's clearly a good thing.  A worthy read.  One more question: would you as enthusiastically visit "" every day?  More info

Brlogo_medium   Everyone's still getting all excited about the Bills potentially selecting Oklahoma State tight end Brandon Pettigrew in the first round.  Sheesh, people... just because Kiper says it doesn't mean it's coming true.  That's not magic prophecy hairspray he uses.  Oh well... get it out of their systems now, I suppose.  (Oh, and somebody tell Bob Matthews that George Selvie isn't draft-eligible.)

Brlogo_medium   We'll continue our profiling of potential Bills free agents by taking a look at Miami LB Channing Crowder over the lunch hour (eastern time).  Stay tuned!