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Super Bowl Story Lines and the Buffalo Bills

A few story lines that could have an impact on the Buffalo Bills evolved over the course of Super Bowl XLIII and in the aftermath.

First, Pittburgh's center (Justin Hartwig) turned in a Melvin Fowler/Duke Preston-esque performance that came close to costing the Steelers the game. Arizona's Darnell Dockett isn't a bad DT, obviously, but Hartwig had him looking like Super Bowl MVP material if the Cards had pulled the game out. If there was any doubt in Mike Tomlin's mind about taking a C in the first round of the draft, I think that shoddy performance erased it. There will be at least one C taken before the Bills get around to addressing the position in all likelihood.

Second, Larry Foote may be on his way out in Pittsburgh. Pro Football Talk had a story up about him being unwilling to take a pay cut. He could be cut sometime in the offseason, adding another LB to the deep free agency pool at that position.

Third, Mike Gandy was, well, Mike Gandy. With Kurt Warner maybe having 1-2 years left in the tank and the Cards obviously having the core needed to make a serious Super Bowl run, I can see the Cardinals looking to trade up - way up - in the draft if there is a LT they see as an immediate starter. Swapping with Buffalo could be attractive to the Cardinals... and to the Bills as well.