Bills, Greer not close in contract negotiations's Tim Graham is reporting that the Buffalo Bills and free agent CB Jabari Greer aren't close on money in contract negoations.

The Buffalo Bills aren't stoked by the idea, but they're prepared to move on without cornerback Jabari Greer.

An NFL source close to negotiations told me Saturday morning that the Bills and Greer's agent, Mark Bloom, aren't in the same area code on financial terms. The Bills have offered five years and $20 million, but Greer is looking for closer to $7 million or $8 million depending on the length of the contract and guarantees.

PFT has picked up the story as well.

Apparently, Indianapolis Colts< cornerback Kelvin Hayden’s five-year, $43 million deal signed Thursday is an obstacle to getting a deal done.

“I’m excited about the opportunity of my life,” Greer said. “I’m in position to have the opportunity to evaluate what I’m worth. It’ll be fun. I’m interested to see what other teams are going to do.

“It’s kind of like being recruited in college all over again. I’ll be visiting teams. They’ll be interviewing me. I feel fortunate to be in this situation. It makes me feel young again.”

As much as I give the Bills front office a hard time, I think they made a good offer. Greer is a good CB, but he’s not worth $7-8 million a year. $4-5 million per is a good offer; if he can get more elsewhere, then so be it.

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