Would you do it?

Without a doubt in my mind I would pull the trigger. I am talking about a trade of our first round pick to the Texans for Owen Daniels. I wouldn't even hesitate. Daniels is 6'3" and 247 lbs. with a solid frame and an excellent pass catching tight end. He caught 70 passes last year for over 800 yards. That is astounding in today's NFL considering not many people even know who the guy is.

Now you may say that he only caught two touchdown passes the whole year, so what is the big deal? Simply put, Daniels can get open and he can catch the ball. Does this sound familiar when you are discussing the Bills recent tight ends? NO. What makes this whole scenario even better is that Daniels had his coming out year while playing with different QBs the entire year, flopping between Schaub and Rosenfels. Oh, I almost forgot too mention that the Texans have Texas size problems on the o-line as well. (They are very average, they make Miami's o-line look good).Lastly, many of you will argue that Andre Johnson is a huge target and took the pressure off of Daniels, allowing him to get open. In short, Lee Evans could do the same for Daniels AND the Texans don't have an adequate number two receiver either.

Trent needs a pass catching TE in the worst way and with our offensive line and two headed monster at running back (lay off the green Marshawn), Daniels would be a great threat.

I love it - what do you guys think?

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