Bowen: Bills Want More From Whitner

From Matt Bowen's quick hits over at National Football Post:

Bills Want More From Whitner

People I talked to close to the Bills said the team wants to see safety Donte Whitner make more plays in the passing game — and they want him to last. The only solution I heard was moving Donte to free safety full time. The Bills are a Tampa 2 defensive team, but they play their share of Cover 1 and Cover 3 in their eight-man front, which moves Whitner into the box — and adds more hits onto his career. After seeing the result of the enormous physical contact to strong safeties such as former Bear Mike Brown and the Colts’ Bob Sanders, the move to free safety makes sense for Whitner. The Bills drafted him too high to waste him down in the box on Sundays.

This is what we all know, but the Bills need playmakers, and Donte needs to start producing.  I think if he doesn't year 5 may not ever happen in Buffalo for Donte. The guy is a leader, talks the talk, but doesn't walk the walk.  He said with Stroud, he could make more plays but didn't, now with more experience, more players coming in through FA, draft, year 4 for Whitner is PUT UP OR SHUT UP time for the former Buckeye.

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