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Tuesday Morning Bills Trivia

Welcome to another edition of Tuesday Morning Bills Trivia!  I don't really have much to add for the intro here, so I will simply remind everyone that there is one false clue mixed in here somewhere. Oh, and that like all of you, I am pumped that free agency is right around the corner.

Mystery Player 1
I attended Cleveland Junior Naval Academy, which oddly enough is located in St. Louis, Missouri.

I spent the 2001 season on the roster of the Chicago Enforcers.

I was a first-team Black College All-American pick as a senior in 1999.

I spent only one disappointing season with the Bills.

Mystery Player 2
I was traded to the Miami Dolphins for a first-round draft pick that became Hall of Fame guard Joe DeLameilleure.

I played college football at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

I"m the only player to be intercepted by a Patriot player and catch a TD as a Patriot receiver.

I have spent time in prison.

Mystery Player 3
I was born in Oslo, Norway.

I attended Weber State University.

I wore jersey number 76.

I spent my entire career with the Bills.

Mystery Player 4
I played college football at Brigham Young University.

I am the only player in Bills history whose last name starts with a certain letter.

I played for three different NFL teams in my career.

I only spent a few games on the Bills roster.