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Tuesday Morning Bills Trivia

I must start by saying that I am very disappointed that the only trivia request I have received was from Kurupt, and Brian got that one real quick. C'mon people, this is your chance to have your name in lights, (well on the front page anyway) and to show everyone the depth of your Bills knowledge.

Alright, another week and another batch of Buffalo Bills trivia, here we go...

Mystery Player 1
I attended Virginia Tech.

I played for the Bills and Falcons during my 6 year NFL career.

I wore #29 while playing for the Bills.

I finished with 14 career interceptions.

Mystery Player 2
My Middle name is Mathews.

Since being drafted by the Bills in 2000, I have been on 5 different NFL teams.

I played linebacker for the Rams for 2 seasons, even though that is not the position that I was drafted to play.

I recently signed on to play for the Toronto Argonauts, but injuries prevented my from reporting to camp.

Mystery Player 3
I started at West Virgina University, and was an All-American TE, but I didn't play that position as a pro.

I passed away in 1986 due to cancer.

I scored 31 touchdowns in my career.

I played 8 seasons as a Buffalo Bill, and one as a Dolphin.

Mystery Player 4
I attended LSU.

I played for the Bills on two different occasions, once in the AFL and later in the NFL.

Even though I was injured and didn't play the entire 1965 season the Bills still gave me a championship ring.

I also played for the Chiefs, earning a ring for their 1969 AFL championship.


Who was the 7th person inducted into the Bills Wall OF Fame?

What was the last year of play at War Memorial Stadium?