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Rumblings Top 11 Authors Mock (Pre Free Agency)

Some of Buffalo Rumblings' most popular posts during the 2008 NFL off-season (that's a year ago today-ish) were when the authors of this highly average blog got together to share mock drafts and get discussions and debates roaring full-force.  If you're new since that point, don't worry - we've got a new author as well.

What you see here is the top eleven mock draft picks of the five front-page authors of Buffalo Rumblings (and if you're wondering where Ron From NM is, gently nudge him to check his e-mail...).  Those five include sireric, Kurupt, jri111, newbie MattRichWarren, and yours truly.  This Top 11 mock will be used as the starting point for a running feature next week in which each author will provide their seven-round Bills mock draft.  We wanted to put something like this together prior to free agency to use as a reference point once players start moving in early March.

Without further ado, here are the Top 11 picks for each author...

Rumblings Top 11 Authors Mock
TM Galliford sireric Kurupt jri111 Warren
DET QB Stafford OT Monroe QB Stafford OT A. Smith OT A. Smith
STL OT J. Smith OT J. Smith WR Crabtree OT Monroe OT J. Smith
KC QB Sanchez DE Orakpo OT J. Smith QB Stafford QB Stafford
SEA WR Crabtree WR Crabtree OT Monroe WR Crabtree WR Crabtree
CLE LB Curry CB Jenkins LB Curry LB Curry LB Curry
CIN OT Monroe
OT A. Smith OT Oher OT Oher DE Maybin
OAK OT A. Smith WR Maclin WR Maclin DE Johnson CB Jenkins
OT Oher OT A. Smith OT J. Smith OT Monroe
GB DT Raji LB Curry DT Raji DT Raji DT Raji
SF DE Brown QB Stafford QB Sanchez DE Brown QB Sanchez
BUF DE Orakpo DE Brown DE Brown DE Orakpo DE Orakpo

I'm quite confident that each author involved here will be very willing to share their rationale behind each pick.  Most already have, in fact, you're just not seeing them here because it's impossible to fit giant paragraphs of rationale into each little gray cell in that handy little chart up there.  Once again, this is just the beginning - from here, each author will use their Bills pick you see here as a launching point for their seven-round mock draft; you'll get one of those each day next week.

So have at it, folks.  Which mock do you find most realistic?  What do you think of the Bills selections, other than the very noticeable trend of each author selecting a defensive end?  Care to share your own mock drafts?  It's still early, but draft talk is never boring in Buffalo.  Let's hear it!