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2009 Pro Bowl Open Thread

RB Marshawn Lynch is Bills' lone Pro Bowl representative
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The 2009 NFL Pro Bowl airs today at 4:30 PM ET (or, in more important terms, now) on NBC.  In the last football game of the 2008 season, one Buffalo Bill will be playing amongst the all-stars, and unsurprisingly, it's running back Marshawn Lynch.

I'm not a huge proponent of the Pro Bowl, because, well, it's extremely dull.  But, since it's my last opportunity to catch a glimpse of Marshawn toting the rock for a good six months or so, I'll make a trip 'round NBC's way at some point this afternoon.  If you've got anything to say about the Pro Bowl, Lynch or the 2008 NFL regular season, this is the spot to do it.  Go Marshawn!