Panthers blogger weighs in on Hangartner

Jaxon here with Cat Scratch Reader. Congrats on signing OL Geoff Hangartner, I think he will do a good job for you. I recently ran a poll that should tell you how my readers felt about Geoff. He was the leading vote getter for "Most important FA to retain" with 43%. He was a more than adequate back-up for several seasons filling in at both center and guard when injury struck a starter. He started six games just this past season and again, I don't really have anything bad to say about the guy. He held his own, didn't get cheap penalties and limited his mistakes. The Panthers seemed to equally be able to run the ball with Hang in the game.

As some of your fans have suggested though, Hang was given a chance to win the center job this past training camp and got beat out by second year player Ryan Kalil. You could argue he didn't get a fair shake given they had just drafted Kalil. The Panthers drafted Kalil in the third round in 2007 after he fell to the them with a first round grade. They did not draft him based on a perceived need with former Panther Justin Hartwig and Hangarnter on the roster. If not for Kalil's draft day fall, Hangartner would have been the Panthers starter last season. He may never be a Pro Bowler, but the guy gets the job done and as I said he doesn't make a lot of mistakes. 

I'm not going to pretend to be a offensive line scout and evaluate his technique. I find it difficult to do. From what I've read on Buffalo Rumblings' post on the signing, the ESPN analysis seems to be spot on. Someone on your site also posted his Sporting News Draft Preview in the comments thread which I think is misleading compared to the Hangartner the Panthers have seen.

Is he starter quality? Yes. Will he win your starting job. I don't see why not. Do I wish the Panthers could have kept him. Certainly, his versatility was valuable. I never noticed a drop off in protection when he was in there. I wish him luck.

PS: Sorry for the slow response Brian, my satellite ISP has been about for most of the day from this big storm across the SE.

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