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Tuesday Morning Bills Trivia

Well Rumblers, it has been a very eventful few days, hasn't it? Let's take a break from all of the T.O. talk and play some Trivia, shall we? To all of you new members I will give a quick refresher: you get four clues, which you use to try and identify the mystery player. Beware however, there is a false clue somewhere out there. No cheating, but if you do, wait at least a few hours before posting your answers to give some of the honest players a chance.

Mystery Player 1
My middle name is Eldorado.

I attended Tennessee-Chattanooga University.

I held the single season receptions record at Tennessee-Chattanooga until it was broken in 2007.

I was drafted in the third round of the 1996 NFL draft.

Mystery Player 2
My middle name is General.

I played college football at Clemson University.

I played for three NFL teams during my career.

I spent 4 years, and earned a Pro Bowl berth playing with the Bills.

Mystery Player 3
I attended Louisville University, majoring in physical education.

I played for seven NFL teams during my career.

I was selected to four Pro Bowls in my career, the first coming as a member of the Buffalo Bills.

I once had a streak of 119 consecutive game starts.

Mystery Player 4
My first name is Fulton.

I attended McNeese State University.

I played two seasons with the Bills.

I have an impressive 13.9 yards per catch average for my career.