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YouTube Sunday: Duke Robinson and Herman Johnson

It's Sunday.  Let's watch some football - even if it's only for eight minutes and twenty seconds.

The Buffalo Bills are still in search of a new starting guard now that Derrick Dockery is no longer with the team.  Luckily for the Bills, there are some very solid guard prospects available via the NFL Draft this season - and, even better, there are a handful of players that might be able to start right out of the gate.

Oklahoma's Duke Robinson is ranked by Mocking the Draft as the best available guard (see MtD's scouting report on Robinson here).  An athletic 335-pound mauler, Robinson would slide into the left guard spot vacated by Dockery quite nicely.  Check him out below.

LSU's Herman Johnson, meanwhile, is ranked second overall in terms of guards over at SB Nation's NFL Draft blog.  A freakishly massive man, the 6'7", 362-pound Johnson has the ability to dominate any defensive tackle, though he's not the world's most outstanding athlete.  Not that one would expect a man of his stature to move like Barry Sanders.  Check out MtD's scouting report on Johnson here, and watch him for youself (with some bonus Quinn Johnson footage) below.

Comments on Robinson, Johnson and how you think the Bills should address their opening at guard are, of course, encouraged.  Let's hear it, folks.  We've got a few hours to kill before we turn our attention to brackets, after all.