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Monday Update: Manning/Owens a big Toronto draw?

Vic Carucci of, citing a league source, is reporting that the NFL is leaning toward naming the Indianapolis Colts as the Buffalo Bills' opponent for the one exported regular season game to Toronto in the 2009 season.  The idea behind the possible move is pitting two of the NFL's biggest superstars, Colts QB Peyton Manning and Bills WR Terrell Owens, against each other on an international stage.

Here's why I don't like the idea.  Part of it is selfish.  I had been looking forward to watching Manning play at Ralph Wilson Stadium this year.  There's no question that Manning is one of the best quarterbacks in league history.  It's always awe-inspiring to see those types of players in the flesh when you're at the stadium.  As a recent college graduate, it's pretty safe to say that if Manning plays the Bills in Toronto, little old me will be stuck watching on television.  I feel quite sure I'm not alone in this department.

The second reason I don't like the idea is contingent on when the game will actually be played.  Buffalo's matchup with the Miami Dolphins in 2008 was completely irrelevant because of its December 7 date.  Buffalo was out of the playoff picture at that point in time.  Miami wasn't, but let's face it - when Chad Pennington is your quarterback, there's only so much excitement your team can engender in NFL fans outside of your fan base.  The result?  A 16-3 drubbing on Miami's part, and mediocre reviews of Buffalo's first jaunt onto foreign soil for regular season action.

Manning/Owens could work in Toronto.  But there's no guarantee in the NFL.  If the league wants to sell this one, they'd better schedule it early in the season.

Brlogo_medium   Ed Kilgore of WGRZ has some negotiation tips for the Bills in their dealings with OT Jason Peters.

Brlogo_medium   T.O.'s number 81 went on sale yesterday at the Bills store.  Now jerseys going on sale are big news events.  I almost miss that old, irrelevant Bills feeling.

Brlogo_medium   Speaking of number 81, James Hardy sets the record straight for everyone assigning Strike One to Owens for his incredibly-blown-out-of-proportion "acquisition" of the number.

Brlogo_medium   Back in the '60s, RB Cookie Gilchrist was a brash, individualistic player that helped the Bills capture two AFL titles.  Now he's a Bills legend - and naturally, he loves the fact that T.O. is a Bill.

Brlogo_medium   I love Aaron Schobel.  Not because of the way he's played over the past two seasons, mind you.  No, I love Aaron Schobel because he's not a company line guy.  Dude just tells it like it is.

"I was surprised that [Owens] would want to come to Buffalo," Schobel said. "It’s a hard area to get [free agents]. Usually, if the money is the same, they go other places, because of the weather. But for me, I’ve enjoyed it there, and I hope he’ll enjoy it."

Brlogo_medium   Hey, look! Another article that says the Bills are desperate.

Not sure what's coming your way this afternoon, folks - that's a rarity.  We'll surprise you in some fashion.  Stay tuned.