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Rumblings Scouting Report: Florida State DE Everette Brown

Everette Brown is an imposing force off the edge. (

As the 2009 NFL Draft approaches, the editorial staff at Buffalo Rumblings will begin profiling draft prospects that may end up being potential targets of the Buffalo Bills.  Kurupt switches from the offensive side of the ball to the defense by profiling Florida State's Everette Brown.

After another dreadful year of getting no pressure on opposing quarterbacks, defensive end looks to be high on the Bills' list of draft priorities.  Potentially the best pass rusher available this year, according to various draft pundits, Everette Brown brings a quick first step and a variety of pass rush moves to the defensive end position.  With the position, and more specifically the pass rush, unaddressed in free agency, look for the Bills to address it early on.  Everette Brown looks to be a Top 10 pick, but may slide due to some size concerns.  Right now, I've got him as my "must have" pick, if available.

Everette Brown - Defensive End, Florida State
6'2", 256 lbs, 40 time: 4.73 seconds

I'd like to thank FSUncensored, from SBN's fantastic FSU blog, Tomahawk Nation, for providing some excellent information on Brown.  His comments are highlighted in the "mauvelous" colored boxes.  For the complete, in-depth report on Brown, courtesy of FSUncensored, please click here.

Strengths: Brown possesses what many consider to be the quickest first step in the draft.  His ability to time the snap count, along with his explosion, makes him an absolute terror for opposing tackles and quarterbacks.  In addition, he closes quickly on the ball carrier or quarterback, which has led to forced turnovers.  Besides his quickness off the edge, Brown has shown tremendous balance as he routinely goes low to beat opponents.  Maybe most impressive, at least to me, is his wide range of pass rush moves, including his shoulder dip, a good spin and reverse spin, and an efficient swim move.  These pass rush moves should enable Brown to contribute immediately at the NFL level.  He also shows a relentless work ethic and has proven durable, having never missed a game in his career.

From FSUncensored:

  • Explosion: Brown has incredible burst off the edge
  • Balance: nobody in the college game stays lower throughout their stance on the way to the QB.  He has an uncanny knack for ducking under long-armed tackles.  (Think Dwight Freeney)
  • Pure Speed (watch the Maryland clips in the highlight video)
  • Versatility.  Brown can play standing up but is also comfortable putting his hand on the ground
  • Work Ethic.  The FSU coaches constantly praise this guy for his constant motor and work ethic.  
  • Durability.  Brown has never missed a game due to injury.
  • Dedication.  Playing on the health idea, Brown takes excellent care of his body.  
  • Not a pure speed guy.  Brown has a great variety of moves and is surprisingly advanced for an early-entry pass rusher.
  • Brown is also an excellent character guy.  He is NOT your typical FSU thug that have occasionally run through our program.  At a position where good behavior isn't all that common, Brown is pure class.  We get a lot of rumors sent to us (and photos) about FSU players acting up, but I have never once heard Brown's name mentioned in anything remotely seedy.  Brown is a community service nut!

Weaknesses: His biggest weakness is likely his size, measuring out at just under 6'2" and 256 pounds at the Combine.  Many believe his best position in the NFL will be as a 3-4 rush LB, where he can use his speed and explosion, while not being hampered by his size.  He has shown glimpses of being overpowered by bigger blockers, and still needs to add some more upper body strength to help fend off blocks.  He is also a bit raw and inexperienced, having only started 26 games for FSU.

NFL Comparison: Dwight Freeney, Indianapolis; DeMarcus Ware, Dallas

I would compare him to Dwight Freeney because his center of gravity during the rush around the end is so low.  Few men on earth can move that fast, while being that low, and stay balanced.

The best NFL comparison I have for Brown is DeMarcus Ware, as I noted above.  Brown is not the second coming of mega-bust Vernon Gholston, as Brown has great agility and balance.  He's not some weight-room wonder without the production - as Gholston was.  Here's hoping that teams see the DeMarcus Ware in Brown. 

A few questions with FSUncensored:

1. It appears you believe he's destined for a 3-4 OLB role, but how about as a 4-3 DE?  The Bills need a major pass rush threat in the worst way from the DE position, so can Brown be a legit, full-time NFL DE? 

I don't know how much more Everette can grow.  He looks big on film, and he has probably zero body fat, but he probably can't add much more muscle to his frame.  He wears huge shoulder pads.  Brown can play exclusively defensive end in the NFL, but it will need to be in a scheme that has a very specific role for the weak side defensive end.

He did play exclusively defensive end at FSU.  We did use him in some zone blitz packages.

2. What are his major areas for improvement?  What are the mistakes that he would occasionally make?

Brown occasionally tried to do too much.  Our defense was pretty disappointing this year and sometimes Brown would try to help his teammates too much. 

Brown faced double and triple teams almost exclusively.  Colorado, Maryland and VA Tech tried to single block him and he had 8 sacks in 75-ish pass plays.

Does Brown "Fit the Bill"?
Can he get after the quarterback?  Yes.  That's all that really needs to be said.  Brown would be a great addition to our defensive line, providing an immediate impact for our woeful pass rush.  As much as I want him in Buffalo, it appears unlikely that he'll be available at #11.  We can all dream though.

I'd like to leave you with a few quotes courtesy of FSUncensored's Exit Interview on Brown:

We've debated this for a while now and there isn't a concrete answer, but I believe Brown is the best defensive end FSU has ever had.  Better than Peter Boulware, Wilson, and Wadsworth.  I believe this because Brown had to face much better competition, both in talent level and in scheme.  Early 90's college passing attacks simply did not know how to handle the speed rush.  Elite college rushers now must have a variety of skills.  Brown has those skills.

Additionally, Brown inspired "Do Not Want Dog" (DNWD), the official mascot of the fear Brown inspires in opponents.

Check out the link for a description of the DNWD!

Brown made the right move to leave for the NFL.  He's the best player the Seminoles have had in the latter part of this decade.  A true freak athlete with some room to grow, Everette hasn't yet hit his ceiling. 

An NFL team can't go wrong drafting Brown.  With all the temptations offered in Tallahassee, he never got in trouble.  Brown is extremely personable and will be a great asset, player, and representative for the lucky franchise that selects him.

Once again, I'd like to thank FSUncensored for his in-depth look at Everette Brown and helping answer some of our questions.  Be sure to head over to Tomahawk Nation to check out one of the best college blogs on SBN!

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