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Tuesday Morning Bills Trivia

Last week was a bad week for trivia. Not only did it go live at midnight, but a certain rumor about Jay Cutler's agent, Bus Cook (what kind of name is Bus anyway?) being in town started speculation running rampant and soon the trivia was all but forgotten. Because of this, one of the mystery players went unidentified. Mystery Player number four was left hanging in the breeze. I will go with five mystery players again this week, but number four will be the same as last week. If you cheated and looked him up last week, well then I just saved you some time this week. You're welcome. Oh and I'm sticking with multiple false clues.

Mystery Player 1
I was born in Landstuhl, West Germany.

I attended San Diego State University.

I was drafted by St. Louis.

I won the NFC rookie of the year award.

Mystery Player 2
I attended Seattle University.

I spent three season with the Seattle Seahawks.

I held the Dallas Cowboys team record for receptions in a season by a TE for nearly 30 years.

I never played Opie.

Mystery Player 3
I played my college home games in Happy Valley.

I was drafted by the Bills in the 3rd round.

I am currently the linebackers coach at Hampton University.

I hold the Bills team record for Interceptions in a single game.

Mystery Player 4
I have been enshrined in the College Football Hall of Fame.

I was selected in the tenth round of the 1971 NFL Draft.

I am considered the leader of the so-called Super Sophomores.

I was named Most Outstanding Player in the 1969 Rose Bowl as my team defeated O.J. Simpson and the USC Trojans.

What are the Super Sophomores known for?

Mystery Player 5
I attended William Penn University.

I played one season for the Bills, before being cut.

I was born in Jersey City, New Jersey.

After playing for the Bills, I went on to become an actor, appearing in several films.