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YouTube Saturday: Tier 2 Defensive End Prospects

As the 2009 NFL Draft crawls closer (we've got a mere four weeks to go, folks), various mock drafters across the nation are finally, mercifully, picking up on the fact that the Buffalo Bills need help at defensive end.  Their revelation came just in time, too - and yeah, that's sarcasm; if I had to guess today who the Bills would pick in the first round, I'd probably be talking about a different position.

Two defensive ends you've probably seen (and will continue to see) going to Buffalo in mock drafts are LSU's Tyson Jackson and Tennessee's Robert Ayers.  Both, in particular Ayers, are flying up draft boards, and both are considered locks as first-round picks at this point.  Neither has precisely what Bills fans covet at the position - speed - but then again, the Bills themselves seem to have different priorities at the end position than we do.

The Ayers video, which comes courtesy of SBN's Tennessee blog, Rocky Top Talk, appears below.  Jackson is after the jump, and he's joined by a second-to-third round prospect that I'd prefer to either player: Richmond's Lawrence Sidbury, Jr.