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Eight teams to shop Jason Peters to

We've been speculating for quite some time about possible landing spots for Buffalo Bills OT Jason Peters. The Eagles and Lions have been the most often mentioned landing spot, but they aren't the only team that could have interest. Tim Graham's most recent Peters article says Buffalo is not getting much interest from teams with a No. 1 and No. 3 asking price. So, the options, as I see them, that might be a bit more obtainable are after the jump.

The Lions have holes all over the team. If the team locks in on Stafford, as is being rumored at places like PFT, then trading for Peters certainly is plausible. In addition to #1 the Lions have #20, #33, #65 and #82. Some have speculated that the Lions wouldn't offer more than #33 and #65, which together equal the value of #20. I tend to think the Lions would rather go with the single pick as it lets them get more bodies. Besides, the Lions have already traded their 4th and 5th rounders away so any depth they get will be in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. My guess is that the Lions would consider trading #20 and possibly a pick next season contingent on Peters' performance.

The Eagles are loaded with picks and really aren't pressed at many positions other than OT. With #21, #28, #53, #85, and #117 they certainly have the picks to pry Peters away from Buffalo. I can see Buffalo wanting the #21 and the Eagles wanting to give up the #28. The point difference between those picks is 140 so I can see the teams getting creative in closing the gap. With most folks assuming that Parrish is worth about a 4th rounder (average of 70), the Eagles might have an interest in Parrish and Peters for #21 and perhaps a 5th or 6th rounder. Yes, the Eagles have a small receiver already (Jackson) and look what he did for them.

The Packers have tackle problems. Clifton has bad knees and I think is in the last year of his deal. Their right tackle took out his ACL last season. If there's one team that the Bills might be able to squeeze some real value out of it is the Pack. They have the #9, #41, #73, #83 and #105 picks. With their sights fixed on Raji at #9 I tend to doubt they'd give up that pick. I could see the Packers giving Buffalo #41, #73 and a 2nd or 3rd in 2010 for Peters. However, in addition to keeping Rogers vertical, the Packers might also be a home for Parrish. The Bills might be able to trade Peters and Parrish for #41, #73 and #83--and possibly a 3rd or 4th next season depending on how Parrish and/or Peters did for the Pack in 2009.

The Bengals have Carson Palmer and a need to keep him healthier than he was last season when our current backup saw significant playing time. They have #6, #38, #70 and #102. They also have a penchant for taking problem children in the draft and a sudden hole at WR. Given the options at OT at #6 I can see the Bengals trading it to Buffalo for Peters but wanting at least #75 thrown into the deal. However, with their WR woes perhaps Cincy would trade the #6 to Buffalo for Peters, Parrish and #139. It's a steep price for Buffalo but it does likely land the Bills the 3rd OT off the board while hanging on to #11.

The Rams have needs everywhere (including OT and WR) and the #2, #35, #66 and #99 picks. Unless Buffalo really, really has Curry in their sights I kind of doubt Buffalo even wants the 2nd overall pick. If the Lions lock onto Stafford, I can see the Rams coveting Curry after trading for Peters. As with several of these scenarios, I don't see them giving up more than 2 picks this year unless Parrish is added to the mix. The Rams have been run-after-the-catch fans but with their new coach they might want bigger WRs than Parrish. For now, I can see the Rams giving up #35 and #66 this year with a 2nd or 3rd next year depending on Peters' performance.

The Raiders are overlooked in our discussions because they signed Kalif Barnes, but he only got a 1 year deal. They have the #7, #40, #71 and #122 picks. Davis likes to wheel and deal but I imagine he's got someone in mind at #7 (maybe a punter) so it won't be a straight across trade for Peters. Parrish is fast and shifty so I can see Davis wanting him as part of the deal. Buffalo might be able to trade Peters, Parrish and a 3rd or 4th next year for #7, though I think OBD would be happier trading Peters and Parrish for #40, #71, #122 and a 2nd or 3rd next season.  

The Redskins and 49ers can't be discounted entirely but they are really more in need of right tackles than left...and not even Dan Snyder is going to pay a guy $11 million per year to play right tackle. My guess is that either team would consider Peters but only at a bargin basement trade price--like a 3rd rounder.