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Bills' Whitner arrested early Saturday in Cleveland

Bills FS Donte Whitner (

Buffalo Bills free safety Donte Whitner was arrested Friday night in Cleveland, reports the Cleveland Leader.  Several more news outlets are confirming.

Whitner was arrested for aggravated disorderly conduct and resisting police.  He does not yet face formal charges.  The fourth-year safety was arrested outside of a House of Blues, where he was reportedly attending a birthday celebration for Dolphins wide receiver Ted Ginn, Jr.

He was released late Friday and has not yet been formally charged in the incident - but only because prosecutors were not available Saturday to consult on charges.  Whitner will be mailed a summons to court, and could face charges at that time.

One of the team's two defensive captains, this issue could be counted as his first offense against the NFL's Personal Conduct Policy by league commissioner Roger Goodell.  Note, however, that the league generally waits for the legal process to play itself out before making any sort of decision on that front.

Whitner's arrest follows the arrest and suspension of RB Marshawn Lynch, who will miss the first three games of the 2009 season after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor in March.  Fellow safety Ko Simpson has also been arrested this off-season.

How much more disappointing can this team get?  Simpson, Lynch, Jason Peters, now Whitner... and national media thinks Terrell Owens is a problem?  These are the types of events that get coaches fired and blow up front offices, folks.

UPDATE: The following police report was issued in response to Whitner's altercation:

Several fights broke out at the House of Blues and police who arrived around 3 a.m. found a near riot. Police tried to control the crowd and told Whitner to stay back. He then aggressively forced his way past police. When officers restrained him, Whitner broke free and took a fighting stance, police said.

That’s when police tasered Whitner and then handcuffed him.

Tip of the hat to BillsNYC for breaking the story for us here.