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Tuesday Morning Bills Trivia

Just a little over eleven days until draft time! I've already bought my ice cream and unbuckled my pants. I'm getting a little creative for this week's version of TMBT: this one should be interesting. Don't cheat, (or save your answers anyway so others have a shot), and look out for false clues that make life tough.

Mystery Player 1
I was a Sun Devil.
I went to the Pro Bowl after my second NFL season.
My son Lonzell also played in the NFL.
I played for the Bills and Lions during my seven year NFL career.

Mystery Player 2
I played college football at Kentucky State University.
I hold the career interceptions record for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.
I was a first round pick, No. 25 overall,  in 1982.
I played for four NFL franchises.

Mystery Player 3
I was a Spartan.
I played for the Bills on two different occasions during my career.
All told, I spent six seasons with the Bills.
I also played for the Miami Dolphins.

Mystery Player 4
I attended LSU.
My middle name is Yance.
I spent two seasons with the Bills.
During my stint with the Bills I was a victim of a carjacking.

By now you should be able to easily figure out what all four of these players have in common (aside from the obvious stuff like, male, played football...).  There is, however, a fifth player in Bills history who has the same thing in common with these players. Who is he?