Jason Peters is a gutless coward

With Jason Peters finally getting his wish and getting traded out of Buffalo, it is now apparent that his sole objective the entire time was simply that: Getting out of Buffalo. He held out all of last off season and refused to answer the Bills phone calls, leaving the Bills completely baffled as to his true intentions. After returning and having a substandard year, he then tells the Bills that unless he becomes the highest paid LT in the NFL he will hold out until week ten to ensure that it will cover the contract year.  After being traded to the Eagles earlier today he then signs a 6 year $55 Million dollar deal. Well that doesn't make him the highest paid LT in the NFL now does it? So that means that his real intention was to get out of Buffalo.

At some point LAST YEAR, Peters should have been man enough to go into Dick Jauron's office and say, "Coach, I no longer want to be here, trade me, I want out." He doesn't have to tell him why, he doesn't have to sit down and have a heart to heart with DJ. All he has to do is tell Jauron that he no longer wants to be a Buffalo Bill. The Bills could then have adjusted their draft plans accordingly and with Peters coming off of a much better season and without the crazy contract demands possibly netted the Bills a much better haul in return.They could have drafted Ryan Clady or Brandon Albert. Instead Peters never had the courage to tell anyone his true feelings, he sat at home huddled in a corner afraid to answer his phone because the person on the other end might ask, "So Jason, what's the problem?"

Because Jason Peters is a coward, and not man enough to let the Bills know that he really just wanted out of Buffalo, he left them guessing and unable to plan for his departure until a week before the draft. It isn't enough to not want to play for the team, you have to screw them also?

There was a fanpost put up earlier asking who is the most hated Bill of all time. I now nominate Jason Peters. Because of his gutlessness, and complete cowardice he hurt the Buffalo Bills. Not out of malice, but because he was afraid to say that he wanted out. As a Bills fan, I can't say that I understand his desire to want out, but that is his prerogative and if he handled it like a man and without disrepecting the organization, the same organization that showed faith in him enough to give him a nice pay increase the year before, that would be a different story. He chose to hurt the franchise. He chose to handle this situatrion in a way that it would handicap the team.


Jason Peter you are a coward. Good ridance.

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