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2009 Buffalo Rumblings NFL Draft Big Board

In our constant efforts to provide you, faithful Buffalo Bills fans, with the most expansive NFL Draft coverage that we possibly can, we present to you...

(Note: Board is best viewed in the blog's "Wide" format.  Click the "Wide" link in the user panel directly under our goofy red Buffalo logo.)

Take a gander.  On the Big Board, Rumblings has ranked 270 draft prospects at every position by round.  At the very least, it gives you a rough estimate as to where a player may be drafted and a fairly accurate estimation (to me, at least) of how deep and/or top-heavy this draft class is at certain positions.

The 22 Rumblings Scouting Report profiles that this blog's editorial staff put together are linked on the Big Board as well.

You can't comment on the Big Board itself, so if you've got feedback for future iterations of this project or just want to pick it apart, this is the spot to do it.  Enjoy.