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Last Two Rumblings Authors Mock: MARVelous, poz

Ed. Note, by Brian Galliford: We know.  You're as tired of mock drafts as we are.  Eight editors here at Rumblings have provided you their pre-draft thoughts over the past five days; the last two on the schedule, MARVelous and poz, present you 2 this evening.  What you see on the front page is a brief overview of their picks.  Click on past the jump if you're looking for explanations for the picks - our two guys did a stellar job rationalizing their selections.  And when you're done reading/commenting, breathe a sigh of relief - the mock draft season has come to a close.  Tomorrow, the real thing begins.  End Note

MARVelous poz
1-11: Robert Ayers, DE, Tennessee 1-20: B. Pettigrew, TE, Oklahoma State
1-22: B. Pettigrew, TE, Oklahoma State 1-28: Alex Mack, G/C, California
2-42: Max Unger, G/C, Oregon 2-33: Michael Johnson, DE, GA Tech
3-75: Chip Vaughn, S, Wake Forest 2-42: Phil Loadholt, OT, Oklahoma
4-117: Cody Brown, DE, Connecticut 3-75: Kraig Urbik, OG, Wisconsin
5-147: David Bruton, S, Notre Dame 5-147: Trimane Goddard, S, UNC
6-183: R. Allen, OG, Missouri Western 6-183: Dorell Scott, DT, Clemson
7-220: Samuel Allen, T, Grand Valley St. 7-220: Mortty Ivy, LB, West Virginia

MARVelous explanation
This is my first and only mock draft, as Brian was courteous enough to give me a chance to proclaim my predictions on his super-awesome blog.  I know everyone is "mocked-out" but I had to at least give this a whirl as to what I think the Bills will do and a scenario in which I think they get players to make "immediate" impact.   In my mock draft I try to predict what the Bills will do, along with a sprinkling of my personal evaluations.  The two trades below are predicators to my mock draft.  Never has their been a year where the wait for the draft has run my life as much as this one as the eventful off-season for the Bills finalizes with this mega-event.  The theme of my mock is physical, toughness, and productive collegiate players.  Below I detail the one trade I make for Roscoe, albeit it seems unlikely he gets dealt at this point.  Feel free to ridicule and "mock" my predictions below.

Jason Peters was traded.  The Eagles gave us their lower first round pick (28) and their fourth round pick.  Thank God this dilemma is now over.

I am also trading Roscoe Parrish.  I wouldn't trade him if I were the Bills, but my instincts tell me he will be dealt as the Bills have so many holes right now, they need the arsenal of picks and also will need to make a deal with the devil that Leodis McKelvin does not get hurt.  The Bills coaches are high on Steve Johnson and he should get the snaps on offense Roscoe would normally  get.  I have the Bills sending Parrish to the Cowboys, for the Cowboys 4th round pick, #117 overall.  The
Cowboys need depth at WR and Roscoe will be a huge addition in the punt return game.

These trades give the Bills 10 picks with two first rounders and three fourths. It gives the Bills flexibility.

1-11: Robert Ayers, DE, Tennessee.  The growing sense is that OT will fly off the boards in the top 10 this Saturday.  Brian says the most likely OT that the Bills would take is Andre Smith and I don't see him slipping past GB or SF.  While Michael Oher,
Brian Orakpo and BJ Raji may be available at #11, I'm comfortable if the Bills select Mike Mayock's #1 rated defensive prospect.  The need at DE is absurd, and the injection of youth at the position will greatly help out Buffalo's defense and may help get Chris Kelsay on a plane out of town for good.

1-22: Brandon Pettigrew, TE, Oklahoma State. The Falcons at #24 may be all over Pettigrew if he falls this far as well as the Ravens at #26, so I go to make sure I get my 2nd targeted prospect in Pettigrew.  I have to give up 2 4th round picks to do it (#110, #121) but I think it's worth it to ensure we add the best TE in the draft.  Pettigrew's run/pass blocking will aid big time in whoever fills in at LT, and his ability to develop as a pass-catcher as the season progresses is a huge upside.  Bottom line is to win in the NFL you have to be able to score points consistently.  Now, maybe Trent Edwards will prove to not be the guy to lead the Bills, but adding T.O. and Pettigrew will give him every opportunity to succeed and that's the least Dick Jauron can do with 2009 being a make or break season for him.

2-42: Max Unger, OL, Oregon.  This 6'5", 309 lb OL is exactly what the Bills need to bolster their OL.  Versatility & toughness are the two words we are hearing out of OBD about their next wave of OL.  Unger played 2 years at LT and 2 years at Center.  Mike Lombardi always states when you draft a guy, a question you have to ask is "if he doesn't work out the way we want, where else could he play."  That's called value, and that's exactly what Unger gives Buffalo.  He gives Buffalo more flexibility and that is a great thing for the coaching staff to have.

3-75:  Chip Vaughn, S, Wake Forest. My infatuation with Chip Vaughn continues as I think the need on the back end is a necessity.  With Scott/Whitner seemingly entrenched as starters in 2009, depth at this position is needed.  Vaughn has a
"toughness" that is themed throughout my mock draft, and would be an ideal candidate at SS to replace Scott in 2010.  Plus, Dick Jauron can't go past the 3rd round without taking a DB.  Vaughn lacks ball skills, but his tenacity and willingness to run over opponents is a breath of fresh air.

4-117: Cody Brown, OLB, Conneticut.  I can't see Elison start another season.  Brown at the very least, could be a subpackage player in 2009 as he recorded 11 sacks and 16.5 tackles for losses in 2008.  He has the top end speed to get after the QB, something Buffalo's defense needs a boost for.  At 6'2", 248 lbs, Brown has ideal size.  Some will say he is better fitted for a 3-4 OLB, but I can see him lining up as the SAM.  Most importantly, Brown is a leader, a player that has through his own hard work developed into a very productive player, and can contribute immediately for the Bills.

5-147: David Bruton, S,  Notre Dame.  If Bruton falls to round 5, I like this run stuffing S.  A guy who could immediately get after it on ST's, and could be a subpackage player as a run support.  Extremely physical and has the toughness that I think would be a huge benefit to add to the mix on the back end.  At 6'2", 209 he is a big physical specimen who produced 97 tackles last year as well as 2 FF's and 4 INT's.

6-183: Roger Allen, OG, Missouri Western. Toughness, character, a leader.  That sums up this small school prospect.  Allen made 36 consecutive starts, and is a project for the Bills to start developing.  First offensive lineman to receive MIAA freshman of the year honor. Earned first team All-MIAA honors during the 2006, 2007 and 2008 seasons.

7-220: Samuel Allen, OT, Grand Valley State. This small school prospect started 30 games at OT, has great quickness and athleticism and great room to grow into his 6'6" frame.  This is an ideal project for the Bills and with this pick the Bills have re-stocked their OL projects.

Alright, let's hear it Bills Nation.  I know many of you are not high on Ayers, but the DL cannot be ignored for another off-season.  My philosophy was that our defense is in desperate need of a youthful injection of talent.  I have no idea what the Bills plan to do at LT, but addin the versatility of Unger, gives me confidence that Sean Kugler has the flexibility to put together a unit that can work in 2009.   The addition of Brown provides an extra piece for Perry Fewell to use in blitz packages.  Most importantly we got 3 immediate impact players in Ayers, Pettigrew and Unger, and potential impact in Brown and Bruton if at least ST's.  Plus I re-stocked the OL cabinet.  So let's have at it... what do you think of MARVelous version 1.0?

poz explanation
This mock draft is predicated on a draft day trade which I fully expect to occur. After selecting their QB of the future the Detroit Lions will anxiously hope that Michael Oher will last until pick #20. Jim Schwartz after all, is a firm believer in winning by building in the trenches. Of course, when Andre Smith becomes the 3rd LT off the board to Cincinnati at number 6, images of the 2008 draft will swiftly come to Schwartz' mind. In 2008, Ryan Clady, Chris Williams, Brandon Albert, Gosder Cherilus, and Jeff Otah all flew off the board at picks 12, 14, 15, 17, and 19, respectively. Five LT's in 7 picks before #20. Knowing that Buffalo covets many players who would be a reach at #11, Detroit picks up the phone and makes an offer that the Bills can't refuse and which really benefits both teams. Picks #20 and #33 for picks #11, #110, and #121. The Lions complete their offensive re-birth with Stafford, Oher and Calvin Johnson on board while picking up depth picks they desperately need and Buffalo gets the chance to plug as many starting position holes as possible. In the event of a Roscoe Parrish trade for a 4th or 5th (which I do not include in my mock), the exchange is relatively painless for Buffalo and Detroit.   

1-20: Brandon Pettigrew, TE, Oklahoma State. With a rebuilding process along the offensive line, providing Trent Edwards with a complete set of weapons is more vital than ever and he needs a tight end. In addition, Pettigrew's fantastic blocking abilities, which are so good he has held his own against some of the defenders going off the board before him, are a much bigger plus then they were last week when we had Peters.

1-28: Alex Mack, C, California. By receiving pick 28 from the Eagles, monster running lanes creator Alex Mack has to have re-entered the discussion as a potential big time pick up. Mack is the late first round choice and will team up with Brad Butler and Geoff Hangartner to open serious running room for what is now by far the most talented backfield committee in the NFL in Marshawn Lynch, Fred Jackson and Dominic Rhodes.

2-33: Michael Johnson, DE, Georgia Tech. This year, defensive end is one of those positions that will go fast as only two true, play with their hands on the ground, non-OLB hybrid DEs who are considered 1st round prospects; Robert Ayers and Tyson Jackson. That makes guys like Paul Kruger and Johnson shoot up draft boards into the early second round. At 6'7, 230, Johnson excelled at the combine but still scares teams who think on film there is proof that he has never played up to his potential. With Buffalo in win now mode, they will take a risk an athletic specimen who recorded 17.5 tackles for a loss and 9 sacks. Not only that, but a place like Buffalo, which has its top three defensive ends over the age of 30, is the perfect place for a guy like Johnson to finally reach his potential; surrounded by hard working, knowledgeable, and high motor veterans who will push him.

2-42: Phil Loadholt, OT, Oklahoma. With Chris Brown hinting the Bills are comfortable moving forward with Langston Walker at LT and Demetrius Bell at RT, Loadholt can come into Buffalo and provide healthy competition for Bell and Chambers at RT. Loadholt teamed up with Duke Robinson in Oklahoma to create a terrifyingly effective run blocking duo and a line of Walker, Mack, Hangartner, Butler, Loadholt and Pettigrew blocking for Lynch, Jackson and Rhodes immediately makes us one of the most intimidating rushing attacks in the league.

3-75: Kraig Urbik, OG, Wisconsin. Even with the additions of Mack and Loadholt, Buffalo remains woefully thin at depth on the offensive line. Urbik will provide excellent depth as he learns to overcome some his deficiencies, mainly how to play lower to the ground. Urbik could back up at guard and right tackle if needed.

5-147: Trimane Goddard, S, North Carolina. My pick for the most underrated player in the draft, Goddard could probably be had later but more than a few scouts will recognize his talent and grab the undersized safety if Buffalo doesn't here. Despite his size he hits like a ton of bricks, grabbed 7 INTs last season, plays with a high motor, and has plenty of game time experience under his belt.

6-183: Dorell Scott, DT, Clemson. Good against the run, perfect size for the position and solid strength are countered by a penchant for not giving his all throughout games. He will need to be motivated, but if he can, there could be value here. Force Scott and McCargo to compete and see who is truly lazy.

7-220: Mortty Ivy, LB, West Virginia. Strong, athletic, a leader, tough. Unfortunately questions abound regarding missing tackles, speed, and technique. Will provide depth as he gets coached up to hopefully play at the next level.

There you have it. I'm sure it's obvious that my draft is offense heavy at the top but I do think that offensive line will be Buffalo's focal point this weekend. Keith Ellison and Bryan Scott have proven themselves to be the least of our concerns and capable of handling their duties if needed. Meanwhile our offensive line is in shambles. Hopefully, this draft takes care of that.