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Draft Rumors Open Thread

I'll keep this really short so it doesn't take up much room on the front page. Between now and the first pick we're going to hear all kinds of rumors. Instead of doing a FanPost for each of them how about making this space a catch-all? Here are a few to get us started:

- QB Matthew Stafford is in the process of being signed. The main impact for the Bills is that Detroit won't be taking an OT at No. 1, nor will they be taking a LB. If LB Aaron Curry somehow slides to No. 11, the Lions would be sorely tempted to move up from No. 20.

- The Cards are looking over the Titans running backs, possibly as part of a potential Anquan Boldin trade.

- The Bucs, wanting QB Josh Freeman, are allegedly trying to get ahead of the Jets if Mark Sanchez goes to some other team. This could be huge for Buffalo, particularly if Sanchez goes at No. 8 with B.J. Raji and one of the top OTs on the board. Green Bay can't pass on Raji, and I kind of doubt San Francisco will pass on OT if they don't go QB... meaning the Bucs/Jets woudln't be able to trade up any earlier than No. 11.