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Final 2009 NFL Mock Draft

I know.  I said it wasn't going to happen - but I've got one more mock draft for you to chew on.  This time, it isn't Buffalo Bills-centric.  This is the whole shebang - one round for all the marbles.  Since mocks are useless unless you project trades (shhh... they're useless with trades, too), this one's got four for you to discuss.  Have fun - we're less than 16 hours from the 2009 NFL Draft.

1-1 DET: Matthew Stafford, QB, Georgia.  This is essentially a done deal.  It's the right move for their re-building franchise.

1-2 STL: Eugene Monroe, OT, Virginia.  They're pretending to think about drafting Mark Sanchez - even going so far as to supposedly buy him a plane ticket - but they still might not.  They'll go OT here, and I think they'll take the lowest-risk OT of the class - Monroe.

1-3 KC: Tyson Jackson, DE, LSU.  Scott Pioli would like to go D-Line here if he can't trade down.  I think they should take B.J. Raji; I think they will take Jackson, considered the safest D-Line prospect in the draft class.

1-4 SEA: Andre Smith, OT, Alabama.  Seattle always surprises folks.  Everyone's talking about Sanchez, Michael Crabtree or whoever remains between Monroe and Jason Smith here.  I think they'll take Andre Smith - he's the only OT at the top of the draft that can play RT immediately, upgrading the position currently manned by Sean Locklear.  He'd be groomed to replace Walter Jones eventually.

We'll cut it off on the front page after those two surprise picks.  The rest of the first round mock appears after the jump!

1-5 CLE: B.J. Raji, DT, Boston College.  Aaron Curry isn't a great fit here, even if he's a great value.  They'll pass on Crabtree as well.  Eric Mangini comes from the School of Belichick - he'll build through the lines.  Raji teamed with Shaun Rogers and Corey Williams could be devastating.

1-6 CIN: Aaron Curry, LB, Wake Forest.  Marvin Lewis is a smart guy - they have a clear need at OT, but he's still building what could become a very good defense.  Teaming Curry with 2008 first-round pick Keith Rivers would be a boon for the defensive-minded coach.

1-7 OAK: Michael Crabtree, WR, Texas Tech.  Tom Cable would probably prefer the sliding Jason Smith here.  Al Davis likes flash.  It's not difficult to predict who will win that argument.

1-8 WAS (f/JAX): Mark Sanchez, QB, USC.  Washington ships three picks - Nos. 13 and 80 this year and a 2010 Round 3 pick - to the Jaguars to meet Daniel Snyder's quota of weird football decisions.  Jason Campbell calls in his trade request.

1-9 NYJ (f/GB): Josh Freeman, QB, Kansas State.  Back-to-back trades!  The Jets are desperate for QB help and can't rely on swinging a trade for a veteran.  Rex Ryan watched Joe Flacco lead the Ravens to the playoffs, and Freeman has similar qualities.  They'll ship Nos. 17 and 52 this year to the Packers to get it done, and will be pressed into such a rash decision by the Bucs, who also covet Freeman.

1-10 SF: Jason Smith, OT, Baylor.  The 49ers are in a good spot because someone will invariably slide to them.  They're in need of a left tackle, and if the athletic Smith were to drop this far, Mike Singletary would drop his pants in glee.

1-11 HOU (f/BUF): Malcolm Jenkins, CB, Ohio State.  Three trades in four picks - and this one involves our Bills!  The Bills will look to move down in the event that Andre Smith isn't available, and Houston is a potential partner.  With a strange breakdown of the top ten, the Texans might need to move ahead of teams like Denver, Jacksonville and New Orleans to get Jenkins - a safe bet that all three of those teams could target.  It'll only take Nos. 15 and 77 to get it done, so they do it.

1-12 DEN: Evander Hood, DT, Missouri.  Josh McDaniels is another New England disciple - and they've got a LOT of work to do defensively.  The versatile, intelligent and high-intangible Hood can play end in their 3-4 scheme right away.

1-13 JAX (f/WAS): Chris Wells, RB, Ohio State.  Jack Del Rio said they wanted to get younger at the RB position, but all they've done is cut Fred Taylor.  A RB duo of Maurice Jones-Drew and Beanie Wells could terrify the AFC South.

1-14 NO: Darius Butler, CB, Connecticut.  The Saints don't have another pick until the fourth round, so they need to make this one count.  Their secondary has been awful for a decade, and Jabari Greer can't fix that by himself.  Butler is the most underrated prospect in the draft and should be the second corner off the board.

1-15 BUF (f/HOU): Robert Ayers, DE, Tennessee.  Maybe some of you will feel better about this pick if we trade down to do it.

1-16 SD: Michael Oher, OT, Mississippi.  San Diego really needs a new starter at right tackle.  Oher is great value here.  Next!

1-17 GB (f/NYJ): Everette Brown, DE, Florida State.  They'd like to add a 3-4 DE, but they can wait for that player in the second round (look for them to target San Jose State's Jarron Gilbert).  In the meantime, they pick up the best pure pass rusher in the draft.

1-18 DEN: Brian Orakpo, DE, Texas.  Denver got its "safe" pick at 12; now they get their high-upside pick.  They need a pass rusher.  Orakpo's potential is through the roof.

1-19 BUF (f/TB): Brandon Pettigrew, TE, Oklahoma State.  Surprise! Another Bills trade!  Tampa has missed out on a QB, and as they're in full-fledged re-building mode with only five picks in the first six rounds, they'd jump at the chance to pick up an extra pick or two.  With an extra third-rounder from its Houston trade, Buffalo can package its own third (No. 75) along with its No. 28 pick acquired from Philadelphia to move up and nab the draft's elite TE prospect.  To recap: the Bills traded twice, picked Ayers and Pettigrew, and only sacrificed two slots in the third round to get it done.  I'd call that a good day.

1-20 DET: Aaron Maybin, DE, Penn State.  Detroit is so bad, and expectations are so low, that they can afford to gamble a bit on high-upside, high-risk prospects.  They'll be flip-flopping 4-3 and 3-4 alignments under Jim Schwartz, and Maybin is ideal for that type of coach.  He could be Schwartz' next Jevon Kearse.

1-21 PHI: Knowshon Moreno, RB, Georgia.  The Eagles need a complement for Brian Westbrook after losing Correll Buckhalter in free agency.  Moreno is a target of theirs and is too great a value for Andy Reid to pass up.

1-22 MIN: Eben Britton, OT, Arizona.  Britton has a chance to start at RT right away and look great providing average blocking for the game's best RB.  Good deal for both sides.

1-23 NE: Jeremy Maclin, WR, Missouri.  Stupid Patriots.  With three second-round picks, they can focus on need areas there.  Here, they take one of the draft's most explosive playmakers, line him up next to Randy Moss and Wes Welker and let him return kicks and punts.  Disgusting.

1-24 ATL: Peria Jerry, DT, Mississippi.  Atlanta's defensive tackles are extremely pedestrian.  If Jerry can stay healthy, he can be a devastating penetrator.  This is good value on multiple levels.

1-25 MIA: Clay Matthews III, LB, USC.  Bill Parcells and his linebacker fetish would be doing backflips in this scenario.  Perfect pick for the Dolphins and the Tuna.

1-26 BAL: Rey Maualuga, LB, USC.  Ozzie Newsome is a big proponent of taking value regardless of need.  I can't imagine him letting Maualuga slide here when he's so clearly a perfect fit inside next to Ray Lewis.  The rich get richer.

1-27 IND: Hakeem Nicks, WR, North Carolina.  The Colts are always a tough read - but not necessarily in this case.  They need multiple defensive tackles this year, but Nicks is too great a value to pass up.  He's a perfect fit in Tom Moore's offensive system, and would look great lining up with Reggie Wayne and Anthony Gonzalez.

1-28 TB (f/BUF): Michael Johnson, DE, Georgia Tech.  Good deal for the Bucs, too - Johnson is their guy.  Great fit for their defensive scheme, and they don't have to "reach" for him at 19.

1-29 NYG: Darrius Heyward-Bey, WR, Maryland.  Now that a trade for Braylon Edwards is seemingly off the table, the Giants will target a big receiver to replace Plaxico Burress.  DHB has been rumored to go to New York for a long time - he's a nice pick here.

1-30 TEN: Shawn Nelson, TE, Southern Miss.  The Titans are weird, but their draft picks usually pan out.  They currently have Bo Scaife and the aging Alge Crumpler at tight end, and they're a team that values speed highly.  Nelson is a speedy tight end that will be a friendly target for Kerry Collins in the short term and Vince Young in the long term.

1-31 ARI: Donald Brown, RB, Connecticut.  It's pretty obvious that the Cardinals need a running back to pair with second-year player Tim Hightower.  Brown is great value and a do-everything complement to Hightower's hard-nosed energy.  Great pick here.

1-32 PIT: Eric Wood, C, Louisville.  They could go with a play-making DB here (keep your eye on Wake Forest CB Alphonso Smith), but I'd imagine a hard-nosed player like Wood would be too tempting to pass on.  They need a new center - Justin Hartwig is clearly not the answer - and Wood is rising quickly.